Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 8n/a6.456150
Throughout World War II, in the conflict fought against Japan, Navajo code talkers were a crucial part of the U.S. effort, sending messages back and forth in an unbreakable code that used their native language. They braved some of the heaviest fighting of the war, and with their code, they saved countless American lives. Yet their story remained classified for more than twenty years.
But now Joseph Bruchac brings their stories to life for young adults through the riveting fictional tale of Ned Begay, a sixteen-year-old Navajo boy who becomes a code talker. His grueling journey is eye-opening and inspiring. This deeply affecting novel honors all of those young men, like Ned, who dared to serve, and it honors the culture and language of the Navajo Indians.
Library Binding, 231 pages
Published on July 6, 2006 by Perfection Learning
ISBN-10: 0756967074
ISBN-13: 9780756967079
6 Book Reviews
  • kkgautamm
    kkgautammabout 1 year33 stars
    i would not choose this book to read for fun, but i had to read it for a school project. surprisingly, it was very interesting and educational.
    • carnagein_cccp
      carnagein_cccpabout 4 years44 stars
      I have not read this, but I am quite knowledgeable about the Second World War. The Americans realized that their messages were being intercepted by the Imperial Japanese Forces, and like any person would do, they made a code. They decided to use the language of the Navajo to get messages and important commands across the battlefield without being found out. The Americans were not fluent, mixing English in with the words. So, they let Navajo do all of the talking, letting them gain victory. They are mostly associated with the Battle of Iwo Jima now. In Florida, there is a monument to the Navajo Code Talkers. This book is a somewhat grim reminder that we should not look down on others.
      • killerdiva
        killerdivaalmost 6 years
        this book is really interesting it shows you your real history
        • jlarobardier
          Mrs. LaRobardieralmost 7 years
          This is a great book that really explains the plight of the Navajo soldiers in WWII. It is a must read!
          • edmodo-7wnk5qstmr
            edmodo-7wnk5qstmrabout 8 years55 stars
            Right now I am currently reading this book. It is about a 16 year old who wants to join the war, and claims that he is old enough for the war. He becomes a code talker, which is his place in the war. He uses his Navajo language as a code. I am continuing to read the book and so far its getting better and better! I recommend for you to read this book!
            • quilana00
              quilana00over 8 years55 stars
              this book is inspiring and i wish that they would treat them nicer because they are the ones who helped us win the war