Current Events for April 12, 2012Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 4:47 am

Mr. PerksRead the news articles and write a one or two sentence response to them. You can express your opnion, ask a question, or simply summarize the main points.

Need A Flying Car? Now You Have A Choice!

If you thought flying cars were something you would only encounter in Harry Potter movies, you are in for a pleasant surprise. That's because there are now not one, but two companies that have successfully figured out this rather tricky engineering feat.

It Takes Six Trees To Support This 100-Foot Tall Treehouse

We thought that Wisconsin resident John Peterson had gone overboard when he spent three years building his kids a 200 square foot treehouse. However, Mr. Peterson's treehouse pales in comparison to the one built by Tennessee resident Horace Burgess, who spent 11 years building this 10,000 square foot, 10-story tree-structure that he believes (and nobody is arguing) is the world's biggest!

Will Blowing Air At Space Help Clean Up Debris?

Thanks to the consecutive issues with falling Space debris and the recent near miss by NASA scientists, removing Space junk is rapidly becoming a top priority for scientists all over the world. There are currently a number of possible solutions in the works, ranging from a Space vacuum cleaner to a custom-built Janitor satellite.

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