The War of the Worlds (Classic Starts™ Series)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.319272
Hot on the heels of the blockbuster film comes a version of H.G. Wells’ chilling tale of alien invasion that every child can enjoy. It begins as the sky lights up with bright cylinders from Mars that look like falling stars—and continues as the Martians emerge from their vessels with machines of fire and deadly smoke. Wells’s depiction of a city in panic—written in 1898—still remains shockingly contemporary.
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on February 1, 2007 by Sterling
ISBN-10: 1402736886
ISBN-13: 9781402736889
5 Book Reviews
  • cooperboi
    cooperboialmost 3 years44 stars
    I enjoyed the book it had cool characters and lots of action. The book has a good balance of action, mystery, and horror. I will give you a quick rundown on the story Martians land on earth in a cylinder-like object the citizens of the nearby town check out the crater and the humans are forced to battle with the aliens over control of London. Wells, the main character fights for freedom and as for the ending, you will have to find out what happens for yourself. I hope you enjoy the wild ride of a book. P.S the ending does not live up to how good the rest of the book is ;(
    • charlieboi
      charlieboialmost 3 years44 stars
      I enjoy this book and it was an overall good read. At the start of the book, a mysterious capsule lands on earth and people started to explore it. After a while, an alien appeared from the capsule. Throughout the book, there was lots of suspense and action. Although towards the end I feel it was cut short and the final parts didn't satisfy me. Overall this book was a great read and had good action and suspense.
      • simonboi
        simonboialmost 3 years44 stars
        This book is pretty good. It's about aliens trying to take over planet Earth. The start was a little boring but once the rising action came it got very suspenseful because you never know what the aliens would do. But... The END WAS HORRIBLE!! It was completely a joke. ( The main character was jacked) P.S. It is short and easy to read. lots of pictures good. If you like funny books this is not for you.
        • Dominick Bowkeralmost 7 years
          this book is awesome. have you seen the war of the worlds movie.
          • pieisawesome111
            pieisawesome111over 8 years55 stars
            it is cool