Welcome to the Clamp School, Japan's most prestigious place of learning-home to prodigies, wunderkinds and young geniuses of every make and model. In a world where the average student is smarter than the teachers, how then can the top students challenge their intellects? Why by creating a detective service, of course! Meet the Clamp School Detectives: Nokoru Imonoyama, the world's smartest kid-he can detect a woman in distress from 2 kilometers away; Suoh Takamura, a martial arts master who's cool as ice; Akira Ijyuin, detective by day, master thief by night. Wherever there's a young lady in distress, they'll be there. After all, when you're as smart as they are, you don't have to study.
Paperback, 192 pages
Published on April 15, 2003 by TokyoPop
ISBN-10: 1591822947
ISBN-13: 9781591822943
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  • saaruto
    saarutoFriday, January 12, 2018 at 11:26 am55 stars
    I think clamp school detectives 1 is a very good book . I like how clamp made a lot of mysteries .