Puppies: Puppy Book For Kids! Learning The Fun Way To Love & Care For Your First Dog

Puppies: Puppy Book For Kids

is a book about learning the fun way to love & care for your first dog.

Puppies are so cute, cuddly and down right irresistible and Coco was no exception! From the moment we laid eyes on her, there was just that something about Coco that yelled out "TAKE ME HOME; TAKE ME HOME!!"

In his book, Gary shares the joy of owning and taking care of Coco his Toy Poodle. The photos in this book have been "chosen by Coco" and taken out of Coco's personal portfolio just as they are. No photoshopping, enhancing or manipulating in any shape or form. They will bring Coco alive and show her as authentic, cute and down right adorable!

Puppies, no matter what kind of dog it is, always look cute and cuddly. They excite children... heck, they excite and melt all of our hearts when we see them. It's like they are born to love us right from day one. Their joy and happiness are evident from the minute they "arrive" in the world.

But, as the author also found out, owning a puppy is exhausting work. Even for a small little Toy Poodle!! Although fun, this book is intended to bring out some of the responsibilities of owning a puppy together with the joys and rewards. This is a children's book about Puppies, learning the fun way to love & care for your first dog

Children are always attracted to dogs, and more specifically, to puppies. What's not to love and draw you to that cute little bundle of fur. It's like children can see that these animals are their perfect playmate. Puppies have something that shares their own energy level. The pictures in this book will show the playfulness and cuteness of a puppy while the text brings a certain amount of education about keeping and caring for a dog. Added to that, the author has also included some fun learning experiences for the children reading the book e.g. counting balls; recognising objects in photos; participating in what they see.

Just like children, dogs learn extremely quickly and that their behaviours have consequences. Dogs are particularly responsive to praise so it's important to constantly praise your dog when it does something well (or what you want). This will go a long way to teaching your dog obedience and control.

Some of the responsibilities shared in the book are things like walking or exercising the dog including the responsibility of cleaning up after it, washing, brushing, grooming, health care e.g. vaccinations, feeding, keeping the water bowl full, training and the need for obedience. Children are helped to understand these concepts with the illustrations and related text.

For parents of children "begging" to have a puppy, this book will serve to help prepare them for dog ownership. The book should encourage meaningful conversation about the merits of owning a dog along with the duties that need to be considered with that ownership. It will also help evaluate the readiness for that big step of owning Your First Dog.

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Paperback, 66 pages
Published on September 16, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-10: 1501015222
ISBN-13: 9781501015229
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