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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 12Z5.275475
Book by Laurie Halse Anderson about slavery in America.
Paperback, 316 pages
Published on January 5, 2010 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1416905863
ISBN-13: 9781416905868
27 Book Reviews
  • violetbutterfly
    violetbutterfly9 months55 stars
    I really like this book!!! The entire trilogy is great.
    • violetpanda
      violetpanda11 months55 stars
      I love how this book shows people how horrible slavery was! It's so interesting, and things never stop happening! It makes you feel like you are inside Isabel's head. I just got the other books in the series and I'm SO EXCITED to read them! 😆
      • willow123goma
        willow123gomaabout 1 year55 stars
        This is a amazing book about the evils of slavery(especially cruel slavery that included terrible masters and unfair and tyrannical treatment to slaves.) I loved this book and hope to read the rest of the series.
        • totoro32
          totoro32over 1 year55 stars
          I just read this book for English. It is amazing. Some parts where a bit gross and violent, and I was very mad because of the cliffhanger, but I really felt like I was in Isabels head. It was cool how I felt like I was back in the revolutionary war. Overall, this may be my be my favorite historical fiction book, though it felt like nonfiction!
          • she_is_a_ruby
            she_is_a_rubyabout 2 years55 stars
            Chains is one of my favorite books, the author allows her readers to understand where the characters are coming from. In my opinion the book is a bit depressing, that's what makes the book good. We have the chance to experience what the main character is feeling and how she deals with being inslaved. The book goes from her with her family to being in a very difficult decision which nobody at that age should have too. I recommend reading this book it was a eye opener for me and I'm pretty sure it would be the same for you.
            • aly_spoon675
              aly_spoon675over 2 years44 starsFeatured
              How would you feel if you were promised freedom only to be brutally sent off to another slave master? This is what happened to Isabel, a 13 year old slave and her sister, Ruth. Being the only two left in their family, they had no one to turn to, and no one would defend them when they said they were free. Isabel and Ruth were soon sent to Madam Lockton's home, where they were beaten regularly. During this time Isabel is also offered her freedom in exchange to spy on Mr. Lockton since he was a loyalist, for a rebel. Chains is a powerful story about a slave in the starting of the revolutionary war yearning for freedom. Isabel suffers through immense pain for herself, her sister, and her freedom; never stopping once to think twice. Her story inspired me and it will surely inspire you, which is why I highly recommend you read it!
              • atrama
                atramaalmost 3 years55 stars
                This is an amazing book. Full of character and a bit scary sometimes.
                • BookGirlabout 4 years
                  Chains was an engrossing, hair-raising tale told with many details. It was hard for me to stop reading the book! It teaches us a lesson of working hard to accomplish your dream, to be loyal and trust your friends , and the importance of family. It will make you feel grateful for your lifestyle and your family. This emotional roller coaster you go on while reading the book is worth it. This is the best book ever!!!!
                  • tikiman
                    tikimanover 4 years
                    The best book
                    • ailen boyover 4 years
                      AWSOME but sad