Cats are for Chumps: Cat poems for your Crazy Cat Lady or Man (Cat Haiku & Picture Book 1)

My name is Sir Fluffy Snowball Angel Tiger Midnight Romeo. I’m also known on the street as “The cat chump collector” ‘cause I like to collect cat chumps. There’s a cat chump in every neighborhood and I like to visit them all.
"Cats are for chumps" is the best book written by a cat that you'll ever read. I warm you cat chumps up with a few pages of my impressive cat poetry. Then I tell you a cute cat story that makes ME feel good about YOU being a cat chump. (I would never call you a crazy cat lady or man to your face. I’m considerate. :) I treat you to a few more poetry masterpieces. Finally, I finish up with some gratuitous kitten photographs. Cat chumps love kittens.
Here’s a sample of my cat magic
…written as a Haiku poem, of course.

Gaze into my eyes
Buy my cat book. I need cash.
gaze into my eyes

I have tuna bills
Catnip related vet bills
And treat expenses

Gaze into my eyes
Reading cat books is good for
your health…purr…purr…purr

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Kindle Edition, 27 pages
Published on December 23, 2014
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