Bunnicula seems like a cute little bunny. But instead of little rabbit teeth, he has fangs. Is he as innocent as he appears? Or is there something sinister lurking behind those floppy ears? His fellow pets, Chester the cat & Harold the dog, are determined to find out. This three book collection is the perfect introduction to their adventures.
Hardcover, 116 pages
ISBN-10: 1416979492
ISBN-13: 9781416979494
9 Book Reviews
  • valerie326044
    valerie326044over 5 years
    my teacher each gave us one book to read we read it
    • Reeses piecesalmost 9 years
      I love the book Bunnicula. My teacher read it to us. I think its cute the dog, Harold and the bunny, Bunnicula becomes friends. :)
      • ajabout 9 years
        i think about that this is a good book
        • kAyLiN cLaRk:)about 9 years
          i love this book!
          • funnybunnyabout 9 years
            This book is hallarious. It is such a good book that I would read it again
            • Ryanpengabout 9 years
              I think it is awesome.
              • kaitlynlamby
                kaitlynlambyabout 9 years55 stars
                i really like this book because its intrestin and its funny.
                • Caitlin Smithabout 9 years
                  It was halairious! I can not wait to read Bunnicula Strikes Again! I wonder if there is a movie.......
                  • JaxsonCrawfishabout 9 years
                    I think this is a really good book. :)