Heed the call of the wild…discover the fifth book in this action-packed, New York Times bestselling animal fantasy series from the author of Warriors!

“Deep characters, a complex plot, rich mythology, and a stunning setting. Wild and wonderful. —Kirkus on Bravelands #1: Broken Pride

Set in the African savannah and told from three different animals’ points of view, Bravelands will thrill readers who love Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire, as well as the fans who’ve made Erin Hunter a #1 nationally bestselling phenomenon.

True evil has come to Bravelands... Only hope will drive it out...

As the new Great Father, the young baboon, Thorn, hopes to guide Bravelands to peace after a period of great turmoil. But a pack of rogue wolves lurks among the Great Herd, committing acts so evil they threaten to shatter that peace before it’s even begun.

The animals of the Great Herd must once again unite to defend their home against those who would watch it burn.

Paperback, 336 pages
Published on August 25, 2020 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0062642200
ISBN-13: 9780062642202
3 Book Reviews
  • phantasticgus
    phantasticgusabout 1 year44 starsFeatured
    Peace has descended upon the great plains of Bravelands. After a terrible battle was waged and won, every animal is happy...and Thorn Highleaf, a young baboon, hopes to settle down into his new role as the leader—or Great Father—of Bravelands. But not everything is as peaceful as the animals thought. They have found out that a group of evil wolves live beyond their territories...but not only that, their actions are beyond the code of the wild itself. Animals are being killed by these wolves every day, and someone must stop them. But how? Meanwhile, a lion named Fearless searches for clues about the death of his greatest enemy; Titan, a tyrant who nearly killed his own pride. As the search becomes tougher, he wonders if the wolves in their territory know where Titan is, and whether the terrifying lion is actually dead—or not. And Sky Strider, a wise elephant who wants to help Thorn with his duties as the Great Father, must make an impossible decision; return to her former herd? Or continue to stay with Thorn? Only kill to survive. This rule has been broken...and the code breakers must atone. Can the animals of Bravelands defeat the powerful wolves? Read this book to find out!
    • sjsj
      sjsjover 1 year55 stars
      The journey continues as "Great Father" Thorn is dealing with the golden-wolves. Meanwhile, Fearless is trying to find a scent of his old enemy, Titan, but might find himself losing everything. Sky the elephant is the guardian of Thorn, but she has to go back to her family. There, the golden-wolves strike again. And there leader might be a bit familiar...
      • SkyStormover 1 year
        Great book. I just read it and it was thrilling. Thorn returns as Great Father! And Sky reunites with Rock and figures out the truth about him. But Thorn needs help defeating the golden wolves. Sky is my favorite animal because She is so loving and kind. She was willing to give up her life for Horizon, the newest calf in the Strider herd. This a spoiler, but guess who is the leader of the golden wolves after their original leader died? Titan! If you enjoy this series, try the Warriors series and Survivors series, both by Erin Hunter!