National Geographic Kids Personality Quizzes

National Geographic Kids Personality Quizzes

By West, Tracey

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What's your shark superpower? What kind of friend are you? Find out with smart, super fun, whimsical, and informative personality quizzes all about YOU!

From weird and wacky (What stinky animal are you?) to thought-provoking and informative (What kind of explorer should you be? Which mountain should you climb?), there’s a personality profile for everyone in this totally unique book.

While you're at it, get to know about amazing animals, places, cultures, and even careers around the world, in the eye-popping, fun-fact style of Nat Geo Kids.

Inside you'll find all kinds of quizzes: flow charts, multiple choice, this or that, and more! With vibrant color photos and illustrations on every page, this book is an un-put-downable ton of fun.

The perfect entertainment for long car rides, for throwing in a backpack and taking to a sleepover, or anytime!

Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN-13: 9781426373176
ISBN-10: 1426373171
Published on 6/6/2023
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 112

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I was given this book via a DOGOBooks giveaway, and I am happy to say, it was more than worth my entry! I learned that I'm a pteradactyl at heart, and I would a medic on an adventure. No one getting hurt here! This book meant a lot to me, because it showed me things about myself I had never thought of before!

I was thrilled to receive this book through a DOGOBooks giveaway, and I immediately started the quizzes as soon as I got it! This book is a total blast and a fun way to spend your time. I also learned a lot about myself through it. For example, I guess I'm a landlubber instead of a pirate, and I'm pretty serious. But I also confirmed the accuracy of the quizzes. For instance, I'm very averse to risks, and one quiz said just that! In all seriousness, I really enjoyed this book. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves in a fun and engaging way. Like all Nat Geo books, it's informative and interesting, but still entertaining and a lot of fun. Happy reading!

I won this book from a DOGO Books giveaway, and let me tell you that this book was amazing! I absolutely LOVE personality quizzes because they're a fun way to spend time with your family, and friends, and are just on your own! Every time I take a personality quiz I'm surprised and humored by the results. This book is no different. I recommend reading this book if you like personality quizzes like me!! Even if you don't think you'll like them, I suggest giving them a try because they're so fun! Thank you DOGO for this book!

i love this so much!!It's so fun!