Thirty-five years have passed since the demise of the Master. But now, the world is at war and a new evil walks among the living. . . .

When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns from World War I, he is haunted by nightmares—not only of the ravages of war, but of the brutal feats of his regiment’s commander, Quincey Harker, whose ferocity in battle seems almost superhuman.

At first John blames his bloody nightmares on trench fever. But when Harker appears in England and begins wooing John’s sister, John must confront the truth—and stop Harker from continuing Dracula’s bloodline.
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on August 18, 2005 by Razorbill
ISBN-10: 1595140123
ISBN-13: 9781595140128
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