Best Soccer Players of All Time. Easy to read children sports book with great graphic. All you need to know about soccer legend in history. (Sports Soccer IQ book for Kids)

This book is about the top 10 best soccer players of all time. Informative and easy to read for kids, this book covers all you need to know about the best soccer players in history
Soccer is a world most famous sport and this ebook is about the best soccer players ever in history. They are the players who mastered the game the best, became legends at their clubs, countries and all over the world.
After reading this book, you will lean about why people say about these legends such as:
Malcolm Allison: “How do you spell Pele?”
Pat Crerand: “Easy: G-O-D.”
—British television commentators during Mexico 1970
"Leo simply goes one way with his body and another with the ball. You have to either guess right or foul him.”
—Teammate Gerard Piqué
“When Ronaldo gets the ball, you can just leave him to it while he beats player after player.”
—Former teammate Ryan Giggs
(and so much more...)

Kindle Edition, 34 pages
Published on September 11, 2014 by Soccer Books for Kids
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  • beastboyyy4
    beastboyyy4over 7 years55 stars
    I really want to read it because the player in the cover is my favrite player in the world he plays in the best team in the world.