This is crammed with Tom's stories and doodles. "It's BOOK WEEK in Oakfield school and EVERYONE is very excited. Including all the teachers, who are making costumes of their own. Mr Keen says thre's an EXCELLENT prize on offer for BEST costumes worn on BOOK DAY. So suddenly making a good costume is VITALLY important, but tricky and Delia's not much help (as usual). Then Marcus decides that HE is a super hero and can't understand why 'Super Marcus' isn't the best name."
Published on March 4, 2013 by Scholastic
ISBN-10: 1407136828
ISBN-13: 9781407136820
11 Book Reviews
  • arloboi
    arloboi8 months55 stars
    This is super funny anyone who reads this should read the end! You should read the series!
    • hh4d
      hh4dover 6 years55 stars
      It was an interesting book but I think they could of been more discripive
      • teffjjjjjjjjalmost 7 years
        so cool
        • maxh12345
          maxh12345almost 7 years
          this book is so awesome.
          • teffjjjjjjjjalmost 7 years
            so cool
            • melia1234
              melia1234almost 7 years
              can't wait to read this book
              • brarrow
                brarrowalmost 7 years
                this the best book ever you should yes no maybe
                • mas20032over 7 years
                  • mas20032over 7 years
                    • cbro39
                      cbro39almost 8 years
                      short but funny