Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp

It's a wonderful world out there just waiting to be discovered, but are you ready to be an explorer? Do you know how to cope with searing heat and intense cold? Can you find food and water in the wild? Could you avoid deadly diseases and fight back against man-eating beasts? Let Bear Grylls teach you everything you need to know to venture through all of Earth's terrain, as well as through the air, over the seas, and under the waves in Bear Grylls Survival Camp. The perfect gift for any young adventurers in training.
Paperback, 128 pages
Published on September 22, 2016 by Bear Grylls Publishing
ISBN-10: 1786960001
ISBN-13: 9781786960009
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  • javoonwu
    javoonwualmost 4 years44 stars
    This story tells us how to survive in place where there is lads of dangerous animals, also to be very brave in these horrible situations. If you want to get more tips about it , then learn your way to escape from wild animals in this book.