Basic Karate Handbook (Fred Neff's self-defence library)

What is Karate? Neff, Fred answers this question and others about the ancient marital art and its history. The book provides a wide variety of exiting and challenging fighting techniques used in karate that can be used as tools for self-defense. Step by step instructions are offered for executing the techniques. The book introduces the reader to limbering exercises for training, the basic fighting, stances methods of movement, body blocks, hand techniques, and kicking techniques.
Hardcover, 56 pages
Published on August 1, 1976 by Lerner Pub Group (L)
ISBN-10: 0822511509
ISBN-13: 9780822511502
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  • samsmom
    samsmomabout 5 years55 starsFeatured
    In the past, I have looked at a number of karate books, but the Karate Handbook by Fred Neff is the best of the lot. It does away with self-promotion and pushing a particular type of karate and instead centers in on what the reader needs to know. I especially find useful the way the author broke down each karate technique into its component parts so it is easier for the reader to learn. From my own experience this is the best way to learn. My dad and mom studied karate while in college. That is how they met. My mom taught me karate and used a similar step approach to the one used by Fred Neff in his book. I happened on this karate book by Fred Neff at the library and took it home to show my mom. She related going to a karate clinic where Fred Neff was present while she was in college. My mom raved about seeing him doing some unusual and visually exciting types of spinning and jumping kicks. These were not kicks my mom or my dad could do or are they covered in the book I am reviewing. This karate book by Fred Neff is perfect for a young person who is starting out with an interest in learning about karate. While the author is undoubtedly a karate master he understands that the average reader does not need to see in a book difficult to do kicks nor can she really learn advanced techniques in a book. The author rightly centers the Karate Handbook on practical down to earth approaches that are good for beginners. This book is great for the beginner in karate. A few weeks ago I bought a copy of the book at a used book store and I am now looking for more of Fred Neff's books. Of all the martial arts authors to me he is by far the top one.