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when she is forced to take a bath in this hysterical new illustrated how-to for young readers. The following are some items you will need for Kitty's bath: one bathtub, plenty of water, dry towels, a suit of armor, a letter to your loved ones, clean underwear (because stressful situations can cause "accidents"), an ambulance in your driveway with the engine running, and, oh, yeah, you'll also need Kitty…but good luck with that! Since its publication in 2005, BAD KITTY has captured the hearts of cat lovers and haters alike. This time Kitty is at her worst in this riotous how-to guide filled with bad smells, cautionary tales of horror, and hopefully by the end…some soap. The funniest of any of Kitty's adventures, though don't tell her that.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published on August 19, 2008 by Roaring Brook Press
ISBN-10: 1596433418
ISBN-13: 9781596433410
19 Book Reviews
  • bennylily
    bennylilyover 1 year55 stars
    bad kitty is not happy .she goes crazy .because she has to take a bath.she hides because she does not want to take a BATH!kitty is soooooooooooooo funny.she once hid behind the chimney.bad kitty is good at hiding.this book is very LOL!I hope you injoy!
    • adino123
      adino123over 2 years
      Bad Kitty is not very happy to take a bath. My dog doesn't like to take a bath either. This book is very very funny.
      • Bad Kitty197over 3 years
        Bad Kitty is really funny! Bad Kitty gets a bath is LOL!!
        • JMRabout 4 years
          Have you ever read bad kitty? Bad kitty is a funny book. My opinion is that it's a great book. The characters are bad kitty puppy and their owner. Bad kitty doesn't like puppy. They always get into a fight. They have more books about bad kitty. There is one about when bad kitty and puppy go to school. My reasons are that it has fun facts. For example, the only animals that don’t like baths are cats. My second reason is that it is so crazy! My last example is that it all the problems happen at the house. In conclusion you should read bad kitty because it is funny. What You need to do is read bad kitty. What will you think of bad kitty ?
          • ravi0032
            ravi0032about 5 years55 stars
            The tittle of this really cool book is bad kitty gets a bath.Its all about that bad kitty dose not want to take a bath because that cats do not like water so he tries to hind in lots different places. then he falls a sleep and dreams about saying that its not bad sitting in water and thinks hes a prince and a princes gives him a gift that wakes him up.Then he runs away and he gets tra
            • CuteBunniesabout 6 years
              So hilarious. Uncle Ted's Cat Tips (or whatever those are called) are great for cat owners. My favorite part was the part where Kitty dreamed she was a queen cat and her owner said he would give her a chocolate unicorn if she took a bath.
              • terezi
                tereziover 6 years
                I think these books are so funny. I read three of them in about an hour. So it's a quick read AND you can laugh to. Who doesn't like that type of book? Kitty is rude but cute. I like kitty and puppy. I really recommend this book to everyone.
                • tienaaaa
                  tienaaaaover 6 years
                  I really love the series: Bad Kitty. My favorite character is puppy. He is so cute!
                  • magickitten
                    magickittenover 6 years
                    Kitty is so rude sometimes. But I still love her.
                    • adele taitoalmost 7 years
                      well good job!!!!