Baby Sitters Club #02: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (Baby-Sitters Club (Paperback))

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Grades 4 - 8Grade 4n/a3.827922
Baby Sitters Club #02: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (Baby-Sitters Club (Paperback)) [Mar 01, 1988] Martin, Ann Matthews
Published on March 1, 1988 by Scholastic
ISBN-10: 0590419862
ISBN-13: 9780590419864
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  • deafgirlhistory
    deafgirlhistory6 days55 starsFeatured
    I just recently started and finished this book, and I LOVED it! It`s about the girl named Claudia Kishi, an babysitter, first heard the news about "Phantom Calls" and became really scared and creeped out, but until the boy that BSC totally hates, Alan Gray, who always being mean to the girls in BSC, was "Phantom" but not real, has really stalking Claudia, about the Halloween dance party and Claudia`s crush, Trevor Sandbornue *sorry if I spelt his last name wrongly* has not asked her out to the dance until in the ending. I`ve been enjoying this book so far because it`s little bit funny! But I just love how this book involving exciting suspense, mystery, friendship, and even more importantly, teamwork. @techfashion0315, thanks for book series recommendation! I would be sure to read even more in BSC series! My favorite girl in BSC is Claudia Kishi...!
    • techfashion0315
      techfashion03155 days55 stars
      Aww, you're so sweet! You're very welcome for the recommendation and I'm glad you liked it! My fav girls are Kristy and Stacey...Claudia is great too!
      • deafgirlhistory
        deafgirlhistory5 days55 stars
        Yeah! Kristy is little bit funny but she is SO NICE!
        • techfashion0315
          techfashion03154 days55 stars
          Right? She's a lot like me. Actually, I have Claudia's grades and artistic abilities, Stacey's sense of style, and Kristy's leadership personality. And I'm kind of shy like Mary Anne. 😂