She could pay him to date her, but she'd rather win his heart!

Dear Valentine, You caught me with another man. Please forgive me if you can. It's not how it looks, I'm still your greatest fan. Host club owner Jin has a secret. Tragedy he has oft met. Who is behind his broken heart? What will Ryunosuke from Jin get? Be mine!

Everyone thinks 16-year-old Ryoko has weird taste in guys because she can't stop drooling over Ryu, the strong silent type who sits next to her in class. When she discovers he works for a host club--where women actually pay men to date them--will she finally wise up? Or will he leave his job to be with her? Or will she take a job at the club so he can quit so she can be with him so...? Only one thing's for sure in B.O.D.Y. --you can't put a price on love!
Paperback, 210 pages
Published on November 4, 2008 by VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-10: 142151804X
ISBN-13: 9781421518046
2 Book Reviews
  • remilaytonesque
    remilaytonesquealmost 9 years55 stars
    All right Ao, youve given us time to understand that Ryunosuke is a host but it doesnt make sense. Why a host? You could have made him a perv or a kissagram, but a host?
    • princess3012
      princess3012almost 10 years55 stars
      i love this seris soooo sad