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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8X5.775028
2005 stated first American edition, Miramax - Hyperion Books for Children NY. Hardcover with dust jacket. ISBN: 0786852895 (trade). Artemis Fowl, Book 4
Hardcover, 342 pages
ISBN-10: 0140918973
ISBN-13: 9780140918977
6 Book Reviews
  • sky_dragon
    sky_dragon9 months44 stars
    Nice book! Artemis fowl has been mindwiped so he didn't remember anything about fairies. He wants to steal an amazing 'The fairy thief' painting which can raise his criminal standard! On the other hand, Opal Koboi, the greatest villain is back with her evil and destructive plans! She murdered Julius Root and everyone thinks Holly is responsible for this! Opal wants to become a human and she mesmerized a human who now thinks Opal is her daughter. She wants to take the revenge from Artemis, Holly and Julius for failing her goblin revolution plan. She wants to became the queen of human and fairy world! Will they be able to stop her evil plans? Will Artemis remember his fairy friends and help them beat Opal? Read to find out! Have fun reading!
    • blossomreader
      blossomreaderover 1 year44 stars
      In the last book, Artemis gets his memories of all the fairies taken away from him. Now Arty wants to steal a very famous painting, but someone is watching him. Who? Why, his old rival Opal Koboi of course! She has been plotting revenge for something that I can't tell you about, and Artemis is her first victim! How will he gt away from her? Will he beat her? Unfortunately, he's not the only smart person, or fairy, out there....I really liked this book because now Artemis has some real competition!
      • eternalterra
        eternalterraover 4 years55 stars
        I( loved this book because its so gripping. Its fascinating to see how a 12 yr old smarty-pants mind work. Strange how hes a crimanal and the technology is amazing. I would really like the technoogy for myself.
        • koderrose
          koderrosealmost 8 years44 stars
          I loved this one not my fave though I liked The Atlantis Complex and The Eternity Code
          • katjune62
            katjune62over 8 years55 stars
            The mindwiped Artemis Fowl has returned to his unlawful ways and is about to steal a long-lost painting that could, evidentually, raise his criminal career above the current standards. What Artemis doesn't know is that his supposedly coma-stunned enemy, Opal Koboi, has escaped, and she is coming out to succeed in revenge against every human and fairy that participated in Opal's landing in jail.
            • derpychicken139
              derpychicken139almost 9 years55 stars
              In the fourth book , Artemis Fowl has lost all memory of fairies and Opal Koboi , his worst enemy and the greatest villain among fairies , is hunting him down! Luckily he thought of a way to make himself remember before his memory got wiped , and saves the day once again!