Ark Angel (An Alex Rider Adventure)

Book 6 of 10 in the Alex Rider Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a5.078466
Shot outside the offices of MI6 and left for dead by Scorpia, Alex Rider awakens in a top-secret hospital, glad simply to be alive. But danger has a way of following Alex, and when the boy in the next room is the victim of a kidnapping attempt, it is Alex who saves him—only to be kidnapped himself. The man behind the kidnapping? None other than Nikolei Drevin, wealthiest developer in the world, and the man who single-handedly is funding the first luxury hotel in outer space, Ark Angel. Yet the project is hemorrhaging millions of dollars along the way, and Drevin will stop at nothing to cease the bleeding. Even if it means blowing up Ark Angel. Even if it means sacrificing his only son. . . .
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on April 20, 2006 by Philomel Books
ISBN-10: 0399241523
ISBN-13: 9780399241529
11 Book Reviews
  • rockstarenergy
    rockstarenergyalmost 6 years
    Ark Angel is a book about a hotel going to hurl down and kill millions of people. But Alex has to stop it coming down.Anthony Horowitz is the author Alex Rider,Paul Drevin,Kaspar, and Nikolei Drevin. Alex works for MI6 for London, Paul Drevin is Nikolei Drevin son, Kaspar is head leader for force Force Three, and Nikolei Drevin is a billionaire. The genre is realistic action. The setting is France, London, Washington D,C, and Russia.Max Weber got done with his press conference,He went outside and he got a call when the call was done the phone blew up in his hand…...he was pretty much dead. Force Three planned the attack on Max, there work was done. Alex Rider a teenage spy he got shot 3 inches above the heart but he was not dead. When he was in the hospital Force Three wanted Paul Drevin but they kidnapped Alex fought but he got chest pain so he let them take him. Alex got sent up on a spaceship in space to deactivate a nuclear bomb that would hurl down and kill millions of people but he met up with kaspar.My favorite part of the book was that when Alex went up in space he met Kaspar they had a deadly battle but Alex won it. Also When Alex got kidnapped he took 2 oxygen tanks and smashed 2 members of Force Three. When they got to Force Three’s compound they said they wanted Paul but They got Alex.If you want to read a action packed book pick this one because it's funny but it’s sad. Also if you don't want to read this book read the Alex Rider Adventures series and I recommend this book to people like reading because it has a lot of life lessons in it.
    • rockstarenergyalmost 6 years
      This book is my favorite Alex Rider book I like that Alex tried to stop Force Three. READ THIS BOOK ITS THE BEST
      • langston_p
        langston_palmost 7 years55 stars
        I think that this book was amazinly unpredictable. At the beginning I thought he was facing the antagonist group called "Force Three" and he was going to kill Kaspar, their leader. But things took a huge turn as I found out Drevin was the real bad guy after the CIA told him that he couldn't bring him into the USA because his passport was outdated. I also liked how Drevin's plan wasn't so major like killing a million kids, but something way more minor. And when Alex had to go to space, the experience seemed so real, Anthony Horowitz must of had worked so hard and had so many interviews to make that scene. This was once again an amazing detailed book that probably took a lot of work to make it not super miraculous but instead more like real life.
        • angelay
          angelayabout 7 years44 stars
          I really liked this book and will recommend it to anyone who loves a good action novel! I really like Alex because he's modest about everything although he can practically kill someone, but he still has some good left in him despite the harsh corrupt world that influences him all the time. I also liked how the author crafted the villain in this story. Drevin has kind of a psychological problem (a need for money) and he won't stop at anything, even at the cost of several thousand deaths or even the death of his own son. Alex has to stop him from crashing his failed space hotel into a metropolis, and I really liked the ending! Great read.
          • angelay
            angelayabout 7 years44 starsFeatured
            This book is brilliantly crafted. I loved the series a lot because it's never boring and it's full of action. The author uses different types of sentences to make the story go faster and become more interesting and entertaining for the reader. It's full of dark mysteries and plot twists. No one can be trusted, especially when a billionaire is willing to kill thousands of people by crashing his space hotel into a highly populated area. Or when he is willing to sacrifice his only son for money. I really liked how the author plotted his story so that the reader never knows what's going to happen next. However, there could be a bit more variation to the ending, because it seems like most ending in the series are quite similar. Still I would recommend this book for people who love thrillers!
            • connormath
              connormathabout 7 years44 stars
              A series of action, adventure and drama
              • live2read
                live2readover 7 years55 stars
                This Book is amazing, in fact the whole series is! It is all about a teenage spy names Alex Rider who is always being forced into saving the world. I strongly recommend this book to all readers 10 or over who love a good action story! I literally could not put this book down!
                • 3ac
                  3acover 8 years55 stars
                  I love the spy part of alex rider, and the fact that he helps MI5.
                  • alexistaumata
                    alexistaumataover 9 years55 stars
                    This is the 6th book in the Alex Rider series and I am up to the 5th so I'll get to read it really soon!!!!!!!!!!
                  • chay16
                    chay16over 9 years
                    It's a cool book.