Orphaned Anne Shirley has no idea what to expect when she comes to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. But they, and everyone else on Prince Edward Island, soon come to love her irrepressible personality and imagination.
Paperback, 256 pages
Published on January 1, 1994 by Puffin
ISBN-10: 0140351485
ISBN-13: 9780140351484
17 Book Reviews
  • chihro25
    chihro2516 days55 stars
    Anne of Green Gables is a heartwarming, great book. I would recommend this book for accelerated readers grades 4th and up, and average readers 6th grade and up. It's worth 18 AR points, and is about an average 7.8 reading level. It's about an 11-year old orphan named Anne, who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who originally wanted a boy, but later learn to love clever, imaginative Anne!
    • goodbookgirl
      goodbookgirl6 months55 stars
      If you're looking for a story about a bright, spirited orphan girl who finds love and adventure, then look no further. Anne will capture your heart and never let go. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted a boy from the orphanage to help with the farmwork. When Matthew goes to the train station to pick him up, he only finds Anne Shirley, a talkative, redheaded girl with a bright imagination and a big heart. A search for answers tells the Cuthberts that someone told Mrs. Spencer the Cuthberts wanted a girl. Marilla thinks of sending Anne back to the orphanage, but Matthew persuades Marilla to open up her heart to the girl. Marilla eventually decides to keep Anne, and so Anne's adventures full of humor and heart begin. From making a friend, Diana Barry, to making enemies, Gilbert Blythe and Josie Pye, to naming everyday things you'd see like a lake, or a flower tree, Anne will find something to dream about. Read this book, please!
      • bday_summergirl
        bday_summergirl10 months44 stars
        I love this book!
        • kittypuppy11
          kittypuppy1110 months44 stars
          This is a great classic! This book is about a girl named Anne, Anne is a wild hearted girl who thinks of everything on the bright side. She is adopted my a country couple and the book series talks about her adventures.
          • kotlcfitzphie12
            kotlcfitzphie12about 1 year55 stars
            I love this book! It's are really good, and I would SO recommend that you read this book!
            • lottiestar
              lottiestarabout 1 year55 stars
              This book was amazing as you can feel many mixed emotions between Matthew and Marilla, Gilbert, and the main character Anne. The book starts off with Anne being an orphan being adopted by two adults named Matthew and Marilla and you'll know how her chapter starts after reading the book!! ;)
              • girlpower4ever
                girlpower4everover 1 year55 stars
                Anne has always been an orphan. She moves around from family to family, helping them but never getting the love she needs. So when she's accidentally adopted by Matthew and Marilla, two elderly siblings, she has no idea what to expect. They're charmed by her, though, so much that they let her stay. And from there, Anne's adventures in Green Gables bloom: through every mistake and slip-up, Anne grows wonderfully. This beautiful, heartbreaking book by L. M. Montogomery is one of my favorite classics ever.
                • kkgautamm
                  kkgautammover 1 year55 stars
                  this is a classic, and the tv show made it so much better. i fell in love with gilbert because he's just so perfect! the ending broke my heart, but you can see how much anne has changed to become an even better person.
                  • horseridinggirl
                    horseridinggirlover 1 year44 stars
                    Anne of Green Gables is a really good book, about Anne, an orphan, who is sent to live with Marilla, who doesn't want Anne to stay with them, and Matthew, who does.
                    • keepercat
                      keepercatover 1 year55 stars
                      I've just finished reading this book and all I can say is that it was really heartwarming. Anne is such a creative, imaginative, and grateful girl and it was really interesting to watch her grow as a person. I'm excited to read the next book and I recommend this to anyone who wants to sit down and read a story with a unique main character!