Animal Stories Set (4 Books) (Max the Missing Puppy; Sky the Unwanted Kitten; Ginger the Stray Kitten; Harry the Homeless Puppy)

Max the Missing Puppy Molly is thrilled when she receives Max, a gorgeous Old English sheepdog puppy-and Max is overjoyed to have such a fun and loving owner. Soon the two are inseparable...except when Molly goes to school, of course. Max pines for Molly when she's away. Why does it take so long for her to come home and play? One day he spies an open window and sets off to find her. But the world is a scary place for a puppy on his own, and soon Max is lost-and in danger. Will he ever be reunited with Molly? Sky the Unwanted Kitten Olivia's very unhappy about moving to a new house and leaving behind all her friends, not to mention the two lovely cats next door. But her parents have a surprise that they hope will cheer her up...a beautiful Siamese kitten. The kitten is adorable, with huge sky-blue eyes, but stubborn Olivia insists the she doesn't want a new cat. Will Sky be left all alone? Olivia won't be able to resist the world's cutest kitten forever...will she? Ginger the Stray Kitten Rosie loves visiting a nearby farm after school and watching the feral cats (who have always lived in the wild) that live there. There's even a cute little ginger-colored kitten that learns to trust Rosie. But when construction workers begin tearing their barn down, the cats scatter in all directions, leaving the ginger kitten behind. Can Rosie help this frightened little stray? Harry the Homeless Puppy Grace can't have a puppy of her own, but she loves walking the dogs at the local animal shelter. Her favorite is Harry, a lively Jack Russell puppy. Harry loves going for walks with Grace, and soon the two are best friends. But then Harry is adopted. Grace is heartbroken...and poor Harry doesn't understand where his beloved Grace has gone. Will the two friends find each other again? Each of these sweet easy-to-read stories stars an irresistible furry friend...and offers a reassuring message about the importance of family and friendship.
Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN-10: 0545304490
ISBN-13: 9780545304498
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  • mckenzi3
    mckenzi3Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 9:06 pm
    I read these books in first grade. I forgot a lot about these books. The only one I haven't read was lost in the snow. I ordered the whole pack at our school book fair.