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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.552007
For Alexandria Hyatt having a fabulous life is easy: she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Being glamorous and rich is simply what she was born to be. When Alexandria is arrested for shoplifting, having to drag herself into court to face a judge just seems like a major inconvenience. But Alexandria has been in trouble before–and this time she can’t find a way to scheme out of the consequences. Before she knows it, she’s on a plane headed to Kenya where she has been ordered to work for an international charity.

Over 7,000 miles away from home with no hot water, no cell phone reception, no friends or family, Alexandria is confronted with a land as unfamiliar as it is unsettling. Over the course of her month in Africa, Alexandria will face a reality she could never have imagined, and will have to look inside herself to see if she has what it takes to confront it.
Paperback, 208 pages
Published on September 9, 2008 by Doubleday Canada
ISBN-10: 038566639X
ISBN-13: 9780385666398
17 Book Reviews
  • Mandy over 3 years
    I would give this a 4 out of 5 because the plot was really interesting. The book overall was a great experience
    • Pick at itover 5 years
      Hello I'm sorry the book was pretty good I rate it 5 stars✌✌✌
      • gymnastaussican
        gymnastaussicanover 6 years55 stars
        Alexandria is a character full of life and richness. She tends to brag a lot. But one day, something happens that changes her whole life. She is on a flight to Africa. There she learns how to behave and will do anything to help her best friends mom get to a doctor when she suddenly needs to have a baby. Alexandria faces extreme things, but will she be able to handle them?
        • annie144
          annie144over 7 years
          Alexandria of Africa is a great book it is a adventure and drama book so if you like these genres i would recommend it to you all. This book made me feel like I was Alexandria at the point when she is in Africa.
        • kaylalol123
          kaylalol123over 7 years55 stars
          Alexandria of africa is a drama and adventure book. It allows you to see the scenes in your own mind. Alexandria is a rich selfish girl but she starts to change and think over her discussions. Also i rate this wonderful book 5 stars, because of its amazing details! Thanks for looking at my review!
        • amaart123
          amaart123over 7 years
          I liked the book but some parts felt like they took too long. Will Beverly Hills Masai be the same! the review on the back of the book Beverly Hills Masai sounded interesting!
        • sadie_dancer
          sadie_dancerover 7 years44 stars
          Alexandria Of Africa, was a great read and has very interesting characters! I recommend it to people who like drama with adventure stories! It has lots of details! Thanks for reading my review!!!
          • kwalton
            Ms. Waltonover 7 years
            Does the main character remind you of anyone? A famous person maybe?
            • kwalton
              Ms. Waltonover 7 years
              The second book shows how people have the power to change and that we need to try to take the time to understand where people are coming from. We all can learn from others experiences. You need to read Beverly Hills Masai!
            • amaart123
              amaart123over 7 yearsFeatured
              After reading the book Alexandria of Africa I thought it was great and really liked it. The only thing that was bad was I have read lots of books seen lots of shows and movies about the same topic, a girl who goes on an adventure that seems different in her life. It felt like I've read the book before even though I haven't. I still thought the book was great and I would recommend it to readers who like adventures stories!
              • palomacats
                palomacatsalmost 8 years
                Alexandria was a very good book about a girl named Alexandria. I recommend this book to all readers that need a good book to dive into. Alexandria was very selfish and arrogant. she shoplifted and was given a choice in court. To got to jail of go to Africa to help build a school. While she was in Africa her perspective of the world. The book basically shows that a trip in anothers point of view can change a persons life forever.
              • wynter123
                wynter123almost 8 years
                I have read this book and its a great book and it's also inspiring I would recommend it if you like Adventurous books