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The fifth-grade Week in the Woods is a beloved tradition of Hardy Elementary, where Mark Chelmsley (the Fourth) is pretty much killing time before his parents send him off to an exclusive prep school. But then Mark realizes the Week might be a chance to prove to Mr. Maxwell that he's not just another of the slacker rich kids the teacher can't stand.
But it may be too late for Mark to change Mr. Maxwell's opinion of him. On the first day of the Week, the tension between teacher and student explodes, and in a reckless moment, Mark puts not only himself, but also Mr. Maxwell, in grave danger. Can two such strong adversaries work together to save their lives?
ISBN-10: 043953108X
ISBN-13: 9780439531085
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  • blossomreader
    blossomreaderover 1 year55 stars
    Mark is a rich kid who is spoiled and has to go to a new school. His teacher hates him when he figures out his parents are rich, and now he thinks Mark is a slacker. When the field trip in the woods comes up, Mark decided to own this opportunity to convince his teacher that he isn't like those other rich kids. Can he do it?
    • inmemoryofcpr
      inmemoryofcprover 2 years44 stars
      When Mark, the super rich kid, moves to a new town with a new house and a new school, every teacher thinks he is spoiled and stuck up. But one teacher, Mr. Maxwell wants him to open up and join the other kids by trying to make things much more interesting. Mark doesn't want to join the other kids though, and so he becomes a stuck up jerk. Later, he realizes what he has done so Mark tries to make things right again. But Mr. Maxwell won't give him another chance and after being wrongly blamed, Mark is angry and tries prove that he is not spoiled or weak. I would recommend this for ages 10+ This book was really good and I liked how you could see both the teacher and Mark's perspectives. Though it does seem really weird why a son of a half billionaire would be sent to live in a house in the woods, the rest seemed pretty believable and fun to read.
      • njreader
        njreaderalmost 4 years55 stars
        I like this book because it has a good beginning. I think this because it sets up the story, but then the story turns and makes it interesting in its own way. I think its a good book if you like to be siting on the edge of your seat.
        • memoiloveit
          memoiloveitover 5 years44 stars
          At first I only read this book because I like the author, but I started liking it more towards the middle. I think this book gives a good lesson to learn
          • justiny20
            justiny20over 5 years
            The story is about the kids having a trip to live the woods for a week. The characters in the story are Mr.Maxwell, Jason, Anya and Leon. Most of the characters are credible. Some of them wants to be cool and other just want to have fun. Mr.Maxwell can’t find Mark and Mark is lost in the jungle. Mr.Maxwell is my favorite character in the book or story, because he is brave and take responsibility. I like the book pretty much, most of the plot of the story is my favorite.
            • anonymousn2800
              anonymousn2800almost 6 years55 stars
              This is a great book, it has interested me a lot from the beginning.When Mr.Maxwell didn't reply to Mark I was a little bit confused to learn he got hurt by a rock
              • anonymousn2800
                anonymousn2800almost 6 years55 starsFeatured
                I decided to read this book because my friend told me the series was really great and she was right.The start of the book is about how the kid's parents got a job somewhere else, so the child had to move.The child lived with a babysitter most of the time because his parents went somewhere else farther.The family was very rich, and when the kid went to school no one really liked him because he didn't want to meet anyone new, and he was bored because he was such a "know-it-all".On day when he went to school and got a packet to go to a week in the woods.Right then he starts to try to fit in.He also started preparing because he wasn't interested at first but was after a little while.The adventure starts first when the get off the bus.
                • gso44
                  gso44over 6 years44 starsFeatured
                  This is a great book. The book is about a rich kid called Mark and he moves to New Hampshire. He doesn't pay attention in class so his science teacher thinks he is a slacker when. When Mark ruins a science demonstration by telling what was going to happen. His science teacher defently doesn't like him. His science teacher wich i don't remember the name of tells him that after Christmas break they are going to have a event called a week in the woods. When Mark goes his friend shows him a knife that they aren't supposed to have at a week in the woods. When his science teacher comes saying hi to everyone he sees the knife that Mark is holding and assumes that its his. He is put in a truck while his science teacher dials his parents phone number. Mark sneaks out of the truck, grabs his backpack with all his stuff in it and heads in the woods. While he is gone his science teacher figures out the knife wasn't his because Mark's friend's name was scratched into the handle and he sets out to find out Mark. Mark finds his science teacher at night wounded and while they head back to camp together his science teacher forgives him. Mark starts paying attention in class and stays in New Hampshire.
                  • alli123
                    alli123about 7 years44 stars
                    A great book!!! You should read it. It's about a rich kid who goes to a regular school and the teacher doesn't like him.
                    • jed
                      jedover 8 years55 stars
                      A week in the woods is a awesome book. It is the story of neglect, and bullying. At the end the two enemy's were best friends.