A Corner Of The Universe (Newbery Honor Book)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 9 - 12Grades 3 - 8Y4.542500
On the heels of her acclaimed novel BELLE TEAL, bestselling and beloved author Ann M. Martin presents a searing story about family ties and how they bind us.

The summer Hattie turns 12, her predictable smalltown life is turned on end when her uncle Adam returns home for the first time in over ten years. Hattie has never met him, never known about him. He's been institutionalized; his condition invovles schizophrenia and autism.

Hattie, a shy girl who prefers the company of adults, takes immediately to her excitable uncle, even when the rest of the family -- her parents and grandparents -- have trouble dealing with his intense way of seeing the world. And Adam, too, sees that Hattie is special, that her quiet, shy ways are not a disability,
Hardcover, 208 pages
Published on October 1, 2002 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0439388805
ISBN-13: 9780439388801
7 Book Reviews
  • olliebob
    olliebobover 7 years55 starsFeatured
    This book is so sad! It had a huge impact on my life. The night I finished it I was crying my eyes out. Hattie is a regular 12 year old girl, and her life has always been predictable. Then an uncle that she never even knew she had, is supposed to be staying in town for a while. His name is Adam. And one other thing; he's mentally ill. She's never met someone like him before, but she loves him from the start. He quotes I Love Lucy, he watches Ferris Wheels, and he talks to Hattie. He is an amazing person, and I have a new view on the world. This book was all I could think about for days! Everyone should read this book unless they can't handle too much sadness. This book is amazing.
    • doodlebunny
      doodlebunnyalmost 9 years44 stars
      This was a great book even though it's really sad at the end. Some parts of the book are a little bit confusing, but you figure it all out in the end. But now, the name, "Adam" means so much more to me and I think of this book whenever I hear of the TV show, "I Love Lucy."
      • icanflutter
        icanflutterabout 9 years55 stars
        This isn't your ordinary "slice of life" book. It delves into a different world that not everyone has experienced. Great book!
        • squirrel123
          squirrel123about 9 years55 stars
          Read it you'll love it!
          • averywyn
            averywynover 9 years55 stars
            It is my second favorite book because as all my followers know,I love when books have a real meaning like they have a lesson in them and this book definetly has BOTH of thoseI
            • Arleighalmost 10 yearsFeatured
              I think this book was incredible writing, and you felt like you were there, although it was very sad, and almost disturbing. If you dont mind reading sad books read this.
              • borntoswim
                borntoswimalmost 11 years33 stars
                It was OK. It was pretty sad and didn't make sense but the way Ann M. Martin wrote it was amazing. You felt like you were there. Although it was good, if your going to read one of her books I don't recommend this one.