Video Of The Week — East Australia's Massive Storm Whips Ocean Into A Foamy Mess


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Photo Credit: Greg Larson via Youtube

A few days after a massive storm battered Australia’s East Coast, sections of the coastline experienced a rare phenomenon – An ocean so foamy that it resembled a giant bubble bath. Experts say the marshmallow-like waters are a result of powerful ocean currents whipping together salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish, and seaweed excretions.

The foamy bubbles created by this mixture are brought to shore by underwater ocean currents. The waves help the bubbles surface, giving the ocean waters the frothy appearance. Marine scientists say the more powerful the churn, the thicker the foam!

Tempting as the water looks, it is not the cleanest, given that the foam may also contain sewage and other toxic pollutants. Sometimes the powerful ocean currents even drag up sea snakes. Though the chances of getting bitten are rare, most locals prefer to avoid the waters until things settle down. However this unidentified “foam” man, captured on tape at Froggy's Beach in Coolangatta, Queensland, by Greg Larson of Cooly news, does not appear to be concerned. He seems to be having a blast frolicking in the frothy waters!


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