North Carolina Dog Walks Himself To Doggy Daycare To Be With Friends


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Photo Credit: Tonia Bowman Mosteller via Facebook

Most dogs hate being dropped off at daycare — Not Riley! In fact, the five-year-old golden retriever, who lives in Belmont, North Carolina, loves being at the Happy Dog Cafe & Boutique so much that he recently decided to pay the center a visit all by himself.

The chain of events began on May 6 when his owner, Tonia Mosteller, let Riley out in the backyard. But the pet had bigger plans than to relax and enjoy the warm spring afternoon. Earlier that day, Riley had run into his pals who were spending the day at the Happy Dog Cafe & Boutique, and wanted to be with them. Hence, as soon as he was alone, the smart dog lifted the gate latch and began the mile-long walk to the doggy daycare.

When Tonia returned a short time later, she found the backyard empty and the gate wide open. Fortunately, before she had time to panic, her husband called to let her know that Riley was safe and having the time of his life at his favorite daycare.

Photo Credit: Happy Dog Cafe & Boutique

According to Teresa McCarter, owner of Happy Dog Cafe & Boutique, a customer had found Riley patiently sitting outside, just waiting to be let in. As soon as Teresa opened the door, the golden retriever barged in to greet 26 of his best friends, who all seemed as thrilled to see him.

Tonia was not surprised that Riley knew exactly how to get to the daycare, given that he has been going there since he was a puppy. She was, however, amazed that he loved it enough to escape from the house. Though the Mostellers offered to pick Riley up, Teresa would not hear of it. She decided that if Riley had made the effort to get to the daycare on his own, the least she could do was allow him to enjoy a complimentary day with his pals. Hopefully, Riley had a great time because to ensure he doesn’t pull the same trick again, Tonia has added an extra lock to the backyard gate!


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  • bluepug1014
    bluepug10147 months
    omg thats so cute but its sad that he had no friends. I live in north carolina and if I saw that dog I would have helped him.
    • pinklilcow
      pinklilcow8 months
      He must have gone to the doggy day care alot it he went there by himself.☺
      • unicorn87
        unicorn878 months
        awww that dog is sure independent
        • unipug2
          unipug28 months
          Sweet cute
          • jkbear
            jkbear10 months
            that is so cute
            • lilypads
              lilypads11 months
              • lilypads
                lilypads11 months
                Dog are better . Han cats and smarter
                • fox1568
                  fox1568about 1 year
                  cool and so funny
                  • home_girl242
                    home_girl242about 1 year
                    LOLA you are so right!
                    • snowfluff
                      snowfluffabout 1 year