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Queen Elizabeth II (Photo Credit:

On April 21, throngs of people lined along the street of Windsor to get a glimpse of the world's favorite monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, on her milestone 90th birthday. They were not disappointed.

Dressed in a bright lime-green coat dress and hat, the beaming birthday "girl" mingled with the crowds, accepting bouquets of carnations (her favorite flower) and cards. She even smiled gracefully as the fans cheekily sang, "Happy Birthday, dear Queenie.” This, of course, was one of the many celebrations the sprightly 90-year-old and her husband, the 94-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, participated in that day.

And there are more parties to come. That's because thanks to a centuries-old tradition, British monarchs get to celebrate their birthdays twice - Once on the day when he or she is born and the other in June. Why? Simply because the weather is much nicer! So stay tuned for Queen Elizabeth II's summer birthday celebration on June 11!

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  • techfashion0315
    techfashion0315about 2 months
    Now she is 95! That is awesome! Congrats, Queen Elizabeth II!
    • nitria
      nitria4 months
      • mattchien
        mattchien7 months
        • fomaloso-156773974534
          Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!
          • evayang
            evayang7 months
            Happy birthday to our dear queen!
            • fox1568
              fox1568over 1 year
              happy birthday
              • wolfy_blue
                wolfy_blueover 1 year
                happy b day queen
                • kiarathequeen
                  kiarathequeenover 1 year
                  Wow and I agree she does live forever👱
                  • wolfdog
                    wolfdogover 1 year
                    What happens if it rains on June 11th though?
                    • wolfdog
                      wolfdogover 1 year
                      She lives forever lol
                      • techfashion0315
                        techfashion0315about 2 months
                        When they say, "Long live the queen!" they mean it! LOL!
                        • lilypads
                          lilypadsabout 2 months
                          Lol its true