Video Of The Week — Adorable Polar Bear Cub Nora Chills Out At The Oregon Zoo


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Photo Credit: Columbus Zoo

Nora, the polar bear born to Columbus Zoo residents Nanuq and Aurora, has captivated the world since her birth on November 6. She is after all, the only polar bear born at the zoo to survive beyond the first few weeks, in twenty-eight years.

While Nora, who now weighs a healthy 175 pounds, has thrived in Ohio, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan recommended she be moved to the Oregon Zoo this fall. The experts think that Aurora and Anna, Columbus Zoo’s female polar bears, may be getting ready to have another cub. Since would-be polar bear mothers require calm and quiet, Nora’s presence could prove disruptive. Also, they hope that the lively young cub will provide company for Tasul, Oregon Zoo’s resident polar bear, who recently lost his brother Conrad to old age.

Nora chilling in Oregon (Photo Credit: Oregon Zoo)

Although a big move like this would be traumatic for some, Nora appears to be settling in fine in her new home. In a recently released video, the 11-month-old cub is having the time of her life, frolicking in a small plastic bathtub filled with ice cubes and playing with toys in her personal swimming pool.


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