Create 3D Objects From 'Thin Air' With The Awesome 3Doodler


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Let's face it, though building models for school projects can be fun, they can be very time consuming not to mention difficult especially, if the structures have to be 3-Dimensional. But if WobbleWorks LLC has its way you will soon be able to create anything you want from thin air - All you will need is some creativity and the magical 3Doodler!

The brainchild of Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, the 3Doodler is the world's first 3-D printing pen and works similar to a hot glue gun. The device which resembles a thick marker is first filled with readily available thermoplastic polymers - The same raw materials that are currently used in 3-D printers. It is then plugged into a electric socket which will heat up the pen's metal tip to 270°C, the optimal temperature required to melt the plastic and turn it into the moldable 'ink'.

Once ready, the user can go all out and create whatever he or she desires until of course, the plastic ink is all spent. The inventors say that while it may sound a little tricky, most people will be able to create 2-D objects on paper almost instantly - especially, since the pen has two speeds with which to control the pace at which the plastic flows out. As for learning how to make the more-intricate 3-D objects? No more than 2-3 hours!

Not a natural born artist? No worries. Once the pens are available, the company is planning to add stencil kits to their website - All the user has to do is print them, and then use the pen to trace and weld it into a standing 3-D object.

Of course, school projects are not the only use for this amazing pen.They can be used to create glass art, personalize objects like laptops, pens, iPods etc., make jewelry and the list goes on and on - restricted only, by the user's imagination. And, if your 3D creation or for that matter any household object made from similar plastic falls apart, the amazing 3Doodler can even be used 'glue' it back together

Here's the best news of all - The pens which will hopefully be available fairly soon, will not be overpriced like the 3-D printers are, but sold for around $75 USD each - A price that also includes two bags of mixed color plastic! School projects are about to get sooo much more fun!


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  • lunar3clipse
    lunar3clipse11 months
    Oh gosh!
    • bookstory14
      bookstory14over 3 years
      We had one of these in my TAG class once!!! It was SUPER fun and everyone really enjoyed drawing and creating stuff out of thin air.
    • joy over 3 years
      i liked this
      • lizzie_shadow
        lizzie_shadowover 3 years
        This is so cool!!:) I really want one
        • Doodyhead501over 3 years
          Videos are back WOO
          • jeffthemanover 3 years
            school projects will get so fun
            • pinkblossom_07
              pinkblossom_07about 4 years
              I want one so bad!
              • meadowlark12
                meadowlark12over 4 years
                I want 1
                • fabbeauty
                  fabbeautyover 4 years
                  Have one
                  • deadpool2004
                    deadpool2004over 4 years
                    Man, this would make people a little lazier, but then again yay no more 8 hour long projects instead they can be done in an hour or two. This is like something that's from the future that has come to help us here and now. OMG!!!! Can't wait I'll get one and make my whole family jealous!! :) ;)