Video Of The Week -  Magician Pulls Ultimate Halloween Prank


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Spooking people during Halloween is pretty normal - We have all had our share of heart-stopping moments when a zombie or skeleton lunges out at us inside a dark haunted house. But world-famous magician Rich Ferguson's most recent prank is truly jaw or should we say head dropping!

Last week, the amazing illusionist took to the streets of San Luis Obispo, CA, where upon seeing an unsuspecting passerby, he would sneeze loudly, which in turn would cause his head to drop right into his hands! As you can imagine, the stunt resulted in a lot of shocked gasps and screaming and even sent some people scurrying away in terror - A reaction that the magician likes the best, especially from people that appear to look tough.

Rich will unfortunately not reveal his secret head-detaching formula, which is too bad since this would sure be a fun prank to pull on Halloween Trick or Treaters!


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  • evayang
    evayang6 months
    Wow! that is soo cool and funny and scary!
    • sokeefe_forever
      He probably had some cardboard in the top of his suit which made it stick up, then put his head down further it the neck of it, and jyst held it with his hands! I've seen other people do stuff like this and actually watched a video of how to do it.
      • evayang
        evayang6 months
        I think so too
      • strawberrycow13
        • kittylover111
          OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly fainted, wth???????????
          • arianne_wonder
            Yes, Sami. Your right. And it has to be made from cardboard. So, ez too know that it is not real. 😏😏😏
            • sami_playz
              sami_playz12 months
              his suit was definitely fake
              • animereina2021
                animereina2021over 1 year
                Lol, I watched the video and it shocked me for half a second, and made me start laughing!😃😄😂
              • nataleighabout 2 years
                • oceanstar
                  oceanstarover 2 years
                  a kid at school had his head in a jar
                  • taytayabout 3 years
                    so easy