That 'Happy Meal' Could Make You Rich!


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Need help convincing your parents to buy you a Happy Meal - how about this? - Those little plastic toys may be worth some serious money some day. Don't believe us? - Just ask 11-year old Luke Underwood, who collected a cool $11,470 USD, from his collection last night.

Luke's collection, thought to be the largest in the United Kingdom, comprised of 7,000 pieces of memorabilia, collected between 1990-1999. It ranged from unused Happy Meal boxes to posters and hundreds of toys, as well as, a rare, complete set of 101 Dalmatian toys, still in their original wrapping.

Incase you are wondering - it would take about 10,000 Happy Meals to collect so many toys. However, Luke wasn't the lucky recipient of any. He convinced his father to buy the entire collection from an avid fan about four years ago, for a mere $350 USD.

When the collection started to fill up space in every room, Luke's father decided to sell it, and contacted Unique Auctions to help them out. The response was amazing and last night the entire collection was snagged by collectors from America, United Kingdom, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

While Luke is sad to see his collection split up, he is already scouting around for the next bargain, which he can resell for a gigantic profit!


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