Japanese Restuarant Hires Monkey Waiters

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Yat-chan and Fuku-chan are the perfect waiters. They are polite, rarely mess up an order, and patiently listen to the incessant chatter of their patrons . The icing on the cake is, they don't need to tipped with money - a few soybeans or peanuts will have them skipping with joy. For the duo, are not humans, but Japanese Macaques.

The two belong to Kaora Ostuka, who owns the Kayabukiya Tavern in Tokyo, Japan. Kaora says the idea of 'hiring' them came to him, when he saw Yat-chan imitating him at the restaurant. He tested it by giving Yat a hot towel, which the restaurant gives to customers to wash their hands. The smart macaque immediately placed it on a customer's table. That was two years ago.

Yat has come long way since, and is now in charge of serving drinks, while Fuku-chan, who is younger, has taken over the towel duty. However, because of strict animal laws, the two are only allowed to work two hours a day. Kaora says he is so pleased with their service and demeanor that he is looking for more monkeys to train for the job.

As for the customers? - They love the monkey waiters dressed in crisp uniforms, who work diligently and never waste time talking to each other or anyone else. Besides, they seem to understand the orders really well and rarely make a mistake.

The Japanese Macaque also known as Snow Monkeys, are native to Japan and are very smart. Besides raccoons, they are the only animals that wash their food before eating. In the wild, they spend most of their time in forests feeding on seeds, fungi, berries, eggs and birds. They are also very famous for their affinity to hot tubs (click on http://www.dogonews.com/2008/03/03/japanese-snow-monkeys-beat-the-chill-by-soaking-in-hot-springs to see previous story).

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