Twelve (The Winnie Years)
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Twelve (The Winnie Years)

By Lauren Myracle
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The only thing more exciting than being eleven . . . is turning twelve! Winnie Perry went through a lot when she was eleven, from shifting friendships to her teenage sister’s mo... (more)
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11 Book Reviews
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  • emmonshm
    emmonshm3/6/20145 stars
    • schultzmk
      I want to read it because it is the second book to the series and I really want to read the series.
      • cherrystar
        cherrystar4/20/20135 stars
        I love this entire series!!! Its amazing!!! Now you can have a partner to grow up with. Don't think of that as cheesy thought! lol :)!!!
        • lfullerton
          lfullerton3/3/20135 stars
          this is an awesome series about a girl named Winnie who guides readers from when she was just 10, all the way through when the turned 14. At first, Winnie is a outgoing girl who doesn't want to grow up but has a best friend who is growing up too fast. i would recommend this book to girls ages 8-11. If you read this book once, it will stay with you for a long time. Shine on, Lauren Myracle!
          • kendra123
            never read this book before but looks good and alot of people say its goo so you should go cheack it out
            • hey
              hey7/10/20125 stars
              This book is amaazing! Checked it out and am loving it. She goes on thsi amazing journing of "development" and love. Totally recommend you to read this!!!
              • maddyrocks13
                maddyrocks136/21/20125 stars
                Winnie has just turned 12 and this story takes you on the ups and downs of her 12th year. Follow Winnie as she finds out her crush likes her back, *develops*, and gains freedom. Double <3 this book.
                • clarayim10
                  It is about Winnie the main character getting boobs and getting her ears pierced and her sister is getting her driving llicense
                  • orange367
                    orange3674/12/20125 stars
                    Ha! Winnie's story never fails to make me laugh! The whole series is great and shows great effort! I love it
                    • melmoo
                      melmoo2/17/20125 stars
                      Winnie is just the cutest character ever. But it is a little descriptive to some kids! But this book tells the Adventure of Winnie who is turning 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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