The Lost Hero
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The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan
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216 Book Reviews
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  • seikatsu
    seikatsu4/10/20145 stars
    Awesome, I love it soooo much!!! It inspires me to write my own stories and books! I just recently published a book on and I hope it sells! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep going on with the series! I can't wait for book five! ^_^
    • yufy
      yufy4/9/20144 stars
      The first book in the heroes of olympus series. It is a typical book kids love to read, young antagonists that learn about their special abilities. The main characters, who have barely known about their powers, have to defeat evil monsters and enemies to save Hera, the queen of olympus. A wonderful book with never ending action.
      • mylittlepony
        mylittlepony4/1/20145 stars
        I read this awesome BOOK
        • 15ss
          The Lost Hero is a cool, interesting , lots of adventures, book. In the book these people, Piper, Leo,and Jason go on an adventures. you have to find out what happens. Good luck!
          • lovebooks503/29/2014
            this is my 2nd favorite book my favorite book is the house of hades but it is such an epic book i hope there is a movie
            • applesauceguy
              applesauceguy3/27/20145 stars
              This book is an awesome start to a new series by Rick Riordan and I can't put it down because of how awesome Rick Riordan is at writing.
              • ilovetech
                ilovetech3/27/20145 stars
                At first I wasn't really sure but after I read it, I did not change my mind. It really made me want to read more of the series. So it was an awesome book.
                • lionsrcute1
                  lionsrcute13/17/20145 stars
                  This was defenitely the best book in the series. It is about a new guy, Jason from camp Jupiter who lost his memory. I'm getting bored, so I'm stopping. :p
                  • maiya132
                    maiya1323/17/20143 stars
                    I actually read it twice, once for book clubs and once independantly. I donnot reccomend you do that! But it was good the first time.
                    • ikyra_marie
                      Good adventure and action. could not put it down

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