The Red Pyramid
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The Red Pyramid

By Rick Riordan
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Carter and Sadie have nothing in common but their parents: their father Dr. Julius Kane, a brilliant Egyptologist, and their mother, a famed archaeologist who died under mysteri... (more)
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109 Book Reviews
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  • yufy
    yufy4/10/20144 stars
    Great book! the first book of the Kane Chronicles. Young antagonists find out about their special magical powers. They learn a lot about egyptian mythology and suddenly, their dad is kidnapped by Set, the god of chaos, and Sadie and Carter Kane have to find monsters they have never heard of before and ally with gods and goddesses they never thought existed until then. Amazing storyline, and great book to read!
    • pieisawesome321
      pieisawesome3214/2/20145 stars
      i would recommend this book because it is interesting to many people like my friend and me to it might be interesting to some people like if u like ancient Egypt which i do but im not sure that other people may agree and i dont blame u for that but u dont know what ur missing in the book it is a decision between life and death carter and sadie have to fight evil gods that there father accidentally released and they have to find a way to bring there father back and stay alive well thats all bye. <3333
      • ilovetech
        ilovetech3/27/20145 stars
        Love this book. It is AWESOME!
        • lordpanda
          lordpanda3/11/20145 stars
          Love it just finished book 2 XD
          • gravitypuller
            gravitypuller3/11/20144 stars
            You know... at the beginning It started off pretty decent, you get to know the characters. The middle is when the real stuff happen, like the fantasy happens. Since I'm still reading it, I'm really anxious to know what happens. I give it a 4 out of 5.
            • derpyhooves1003
              I'm almost done with the book(3 chapters away) but if you enjoy Egypt history and their gods and learning spells then this will be a great book for you
              • BANG BANG3/6/2014
                • candy3/5/2014
                  The best book ever! I learned a lot about Egypt and its Gods. And I realized I do not want my 'ba'(your soul) to leave my body.
                  • 04804nk
                    04804nk3/4/20145 stars
                    Great book! Learn about Egyptian gods through two adventurous siblings who need to save the world from chaos.
                    • patch3830
                      AWSOMEST BOOK EVER!

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