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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

By Elizabeth George Speare
6 ratings10 reviews
  • greekgeek
    I am reading this book for Historical Fiction Book clubs for school. I like it a lot. The main character is Katherine Tyler (Kit), and she wants to move in with her aunt and uncle, but she has to travel almost all the way around the world. Her uncle is harsh. She is also accused of bieng a witch.

Turtle in Paradise

By Jennifer L. Holm
37 ratings36 reviews
  • rainsplash_64
    Awesome book! 😄 an, "i never saw it coming, but i thought of it" ending, and i really like it. There's a girl named turtle whos mom has a jog as a cleaning lady, and they move around. Then there is this one woman who deosn't like kids, so she says,"miss, if this kid deosnt leave, you lose the job...

The Glass Sentence (The Mapmakers Trilogy)

By S. E. Grove
1 ratings1 reviews
  • browniebear
    This book is face paced and exciting, and it has lots of mystery and adventure. A girl named Sophia is left to face the world with only a boy named Theo when her uncle is kidnapped. They must travel a long ways to find Sophia's Uncle's old college friend (who he might possibly still be in love wi...


By Jewell Parker Rhodes
2 ratings1 reviews
  • aheces
    aheces5 stars
    I loved this book . I think this book is very touching because it shows you how it was and how hard it was back when there was slavery.

A Light in the Attic

By Shel Silverstein
33 ratings23 reviews
  • headream100
    Really? I thought the poet did a great job on the poems. And the illustrations aren't horrible, they're realistic and fun to look at. Also I don't know how you liked the poem about the girl who wanted a pony. That's just sad. But this is just my opinion.

1776: America and Britain at War

By David McCullough
0 ratings1 reviews
  • ishade
    A great book about the American revolution and the events leading up to it. Gives a lot of depth into some of the main players in the war. A great book, but not really for weak readers.

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children

By Jan Pinborough
1 ratings1 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis4164 stars
    this book is a book about a person who did stuff that girls didn't do before now. it is for boys and girls. the main idea is that everyone could do anything that they don't do. i give it 4 stars and i also recommend this book to you.

Glory Be

By Augusta Scattergood
5 ratings7 reviews
  • edmodo-ue3gerrd6k
    Do you like historical fiction?If you do, read Glory Be. If you are in Texas, you have another advantage. It's a 2013-2014 bluebonnet nominee book. Glory be is about an eleven year old girl who lives in Hanging Moss, Mississppi. Her name is Glorina. She loves to swim in the community pool. One da...

One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street

By Joanne Rocklin
3 ratings3 reviews
  • danacreekside
    I really liked this book because it is about residents of Orange Street coming together to save the tree that gave their street it's name. There's only one problem. They don't yet know who wants to chop it down.

Inside Out and Back Again

By Thanhha Lai
62 ratings70 reviews
  • 20amckim
    20amckim5 stars
    The sweet world of Siagon has always been a calm place with a great school and ha`s very own papaya tree. When the Vietnam War reaches their home, they must leave and go to the unfreindly world of Alabama. Ha` must attend school and learn english from a wonderful neighbor. With twists and turns H...

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