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No Ordinary Sound:  A Classic Featuring Melody (American Girl Beforever Classic)

No Ordinary Sound: A Classic Featuring Melody (American Girl Beforever Classic)

By Denise Lewis Patrick
13 ratings20 reviews
  • scigirlronni
    scigirlronni55 stars
    This book looks cool and awesome and also I would love to have it.I love American Girl and I'm a bookworm.Melody live during the Civil Rights Movement.She grew up in Detroit and she is so happy because she gets to see at the Youth Club at church.She gets help from her older sister and older broth...
Night on Fire

Night on Fire

By Ronald Kidd
2 ratings4 reviews
  • memoiloveit
    memoiloveit55 stars
    This book is a really good perspective of when America was segregated, in a place in Alabama called Anniston, where there were strong emotions that were mixed about segregation between blacks and whites. What's different about this book is that the protagonist is white and doesn't feel that there...
Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my...

Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my...

By Adam Mansbach, Alan Zweibel
10 ratings5 reviews
  • dingwko
    dingwko33 stars
    I won this book in a giveaway and when I finally got around to reading, it was pretty good but kind of confusing and I just didn't really like it much. It just wasn't very memorable.
Stella by Starlight

Stella by Starlight

By Sharon M. Draper
1 ratings3 reviews
  • kjtennis
    kjtennis55 stars
    Stella lives in Bumblebee, North Carolina. Her town has been quiet for all these years until she and her brother spot the Ku Klux Klan just in their backyard! Her town is turned upside down in this wonderfully-written novel by Sharon M. Draper.
Who Was Susan B. Anthony?

Who Was Susan B. Anthony?

By Pamela D. Pollack, Meg Belviso
1 ratings1 reviews
  • giraffematthew
    Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights. ( A long time ago, women weren't treated equally as men.) She spoke up and wasn't afraid, she made many speeches, and she was president of NAWSA. Susan is known as a hero to many, even today.
The Finest Hours: The True Story of the Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue

The Finest Hours: The True Story of the Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue

By Michael J. Tougias, Casey Sherman
1 ratings2 reviews
  • ryapen
    ryapen55 stars
    This is an amazing true story that happen in Massachusetts in the winter of 1952. Really good I recommend this book.
Lucky Strikes

Lucky Strikes

By Louis Bayard
8 ratings3 reviews
  • Troll
    I really enjoyed this one! It wasn't exactly what I was anticipating but it was still good in it's own right. I would definitely classify it more as a Middle Grade novel than an Young Adult one, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my reading of it. I was put off a bit by some of the phrasing of things...
The Wolves of Currumpaw

The Wolves of Currumpaw

By William Grill
0 ratings1 reviews
I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

By Lauren Tarshis
36 ratings60 reviews
  • fuzzle
    I have to admit, this cover totally scared me when I first saw the book. To be perfectly honest when ever I was holding the book while reading, I always put my fingers FAR, far away from the sharks mouth. No joke. I only stopped that at the middle of the end chapter. Speaking of the honest truth ...
A Light in the Attic

A Light in the Attic

By Shel Silverstein
39 ratings46 reviews
  • headream100
    Really? I thought the poet did a great job on the poems. And the illustrations aren't horrible, they're realistic and fun to look at. Also I don't know how you liked the poem about the girl who wanted a pony. That's just sad. But this is just my opinion.

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