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Esperanza Rising

By Pam Munoz Ryan
64 ratings76 reviews
  • Amur
    Esperanza Rising “Did you know that when you lie down on the land, you can feel it breathe? That you can feel its heart beating?” Drawing on her own family history, Pam Munoz Ryan tells the story of a young Mexican girl, Esperanza, living during the time of the ...

Inside Out and Back Again

By Thanhha Lai
67 ratings87 reviews
  • kiwikorilakkuma
    I read this book at least 5 times. It's that good. Before I continue, I should say that I really enjoy Historical-Fiction books, so this review might turn out to be highly opinionated on that. This book is written in verse, and it's probably my first book that I have read that is written in verse...

When You Reach Me

By Rebecca Stead
98 ratings111 reviews
  • annalise
    When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, is about an 11 year old girl who starts getting notes from an anonymous person saying that there are here to save her friends life, more and more start coming with hints about the future, proof that her friend's life is in danger. With many different aspects, l...

The Sassy #2: The Birthday Storm

By Sharon Draper, Sharon M. Draper
2 ratings2 reviews

Once Upon a Marigold

By Jean Ferris
5 ratings6 reviews
  • rainbowunicorns
    This book is about a young prince who runs away and a troll takes him in. The boy grows up and sends notes back and forth with a princess. Then he tries to get a job at the castle...

Sassy #1: Little Sister Is Not My Name

By Sharon Draper, Sharon M. Draper
1 ratings1 reviews


By Gail Carson Levine
24 ratings18 reviews
  • fluffymarshallow
    Abandoned as an infant, Aza lives with her adoptive family at the inn they run in the kingdom of Ayortha. Considered ugly, with her pale complexion, blood red lips, black hair, and large frame, the taunting and gawking of the inn patrons causes Aza to shy away from others and feel self-concious. ...


By Jonathon Scott Fuqua
1 ratings1 reviews

Rebel McKenzie

By Candice Ransom
2 ratings1 reviews
  • nmedi1
    nmedi15 stars
    I love this book i couldn't stop reading this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes very funny books. I hope you read this book!

No Place for Magic: Book Four in the Tales of the Frog Princess (Preguel to the Frog Princess)

By E. D. Baker
2 ratings1 reviews
  • gum98
    This book was very exciting and enjoyable. E.D. Baker is a wonderful author and writer and this is an excellent novel

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