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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

By Frank Cottrell Boyce
9 ratings8 reviews
  • ocelot
    ocelot5 stars
    The Tooting family finds an old car engine for their car. They manage to fit it in their car. The car engine used to belong to a flying car. The Tooting family goes in their car and poof, they go from country to country with the car. The car engine franticly looks for it's old body from city ...

A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story

By Linda Sue Park
19 ratings20 reviews
  • rimti
    rimti5 stars
    Just like "They poured fire on us from the sky", this is another book about the war in Sudan and the Lost Boys. Salva, a main character and a real life person who survived the War of Sudan by going to refugee camps miles and miles away from their villages. They walked for months, years and tons d...

Inside Out and Back Again

By Thanhha Lai
72 ratings93 reviews
  • kiwikorilakkuma
    I read this book at least 5 times. It's that good. Before I continue, I should say that I really enjoy Historical-Fiction books, so this review might turn out to be highly opinionated on that. This book is written in verse, and it's probably my first book that I have read that is written in verse...

Minecraft: The Chronicles of Herobrine (Minecraft books)

By Adrian king
18 ratings59 reviews
  • Minecraft fan
    I have to reda this book. IM gonna need to know every thing about herbrine when i play. I heard he got a few people like river girl

When You Reach Me

By Rebecca Stead
101 ratings114 reviews
  • annalise
    When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, is about an 11 year old girl who starts getting notes from an anonymous person saying that there are here to save her friends life, more and more start coming with hints about the future, proof that her friend's life is in danger. With many different aspects, l...

Esperanza Rising

By Pam Munoz Ryan
67 ratings78 reviews
  • Amur
    Esperanza Rising “Did you know that when you lie down on the land, you can feel it breathe? That you can feel its heart beating?” Drawing on her own family history, Pam Munoz Ryan tells the story of a young Mexican girl, Esperanza, living during the time of the ...

One Crazy Summer (Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction (Awards))

By Rita Williams-Garcia
20 ratings23 reviews
  • teacher_2035
    One Crazy Summer is about three sisters who travel to Oakland, California to visit their mother who left them when they were young. It takes place in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. Their poet mother is not very friendly to the girls and doesn't seem to want them around. The sisters s...


By Gail Carson Levine
25 ratings20 reviews
  • fluffymarshallow
    Abandoned as an infant, Aza lives with her adoptive family at the inn they run in the kingdom of Ayortha. Considered ugly, with her pale complexion, blood red lips, black hair, and large frame, the taunting and gawking of the inn patrons causes Aza to shy away from others and feel self-concious. ...

Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1)

By Angie Sage
24 ratings22 reviews
  • lionsrcute1
    Oh. My. God. I didn't read this series since last year, because over the summer I was too busy playing. :/ but now I remembered..... it was the best book EVER. This book was mostly about the Heap Family. They had a/the seventh son of the seventh son, which makes him really powerful. I'll give spo...

Physik (Septimus Heap, Book 3)

By Angie Sage
12 ratings7 reviews
  • ninjac
    ninjac3 stars
    This book is about a wizard named Septimus Heap. He is the seventh son of the seventh son and that is supposed to mean he has special magical powers. How the people in his word spell magic is like this "m-a-g-y-k". Septimus is really interested in "physik" and wants to learn how to do it but the ...

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