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How to Draw Manga Faces and Expressions! 20 Easy Step-by-Step Lessons for the Beginner

1 ratings2 reviews
  • crazydave444
    It was a good book I learned a lot from it and now I learned a lot more about drawing manga than I did before!

When Mum Went Funny

By Jack Lasenby
0 ratings1 reviews
  • sandyhix
    A fun book for boys who love quirky humour, my son loved it.

SIBERIAN HUSKIES - Interesting Facts and Pictures

By Ric Robinson
1 ratings1 reviews

101 Wild Animal Jokes for Kids (Animal Jokes for Kids - Joke Books for Kids vol. 12)

By IP Grinning, IP Factly
1 ratings1 reviews
  • lexi917
    lexi9175 stars
    you should really read this book its so funny!!!

How to Draw Manga Eyes! 50 Easy Step-by-Step Lessons for the Beginner

1 ratings1 reviews
  • seikatsu
    seikatsu5 stars
    This is really helpful when it comes to the eyes! I recommend this for beginners or amatures! :)

My Formerly Popular Life

By S. B. Robinson
0 ratings2 reviews
  • hvk3301
    Hey guys my name is Hope and I just want to say that I just started reading this book and am already loving it if you like the first book you will like this one bye-bye now.

Alice au Pays des Merveilles (illustré) (Libnum Classique) (French Edition)

By Lewis Caroll
1 ratings1 reviews
  • delila
    delila5 stars
    i think mr. caroll is one of the best poets to live in history. he great books this one is ALICE IN WONDERLAND but it's in Spainish how coooool.

The Night Children: An Escape From Furnace Story: A Tor.Com Original

By Alexander Gordon Smith
1 ratings1 reviews
  • edmodo-hsvdjbx2jx
    This book is not really part of the series and is just there to tell another story. I loved this book, it was so exciting and you found out about things that you never really thought about.

Warriors: Mistystar's Omen

By Erin Hunter
0 ratings1 reviews

Hardy Boys 54: The Mysterious Caravan

By Franklin W. Dixon
1 ratings1 reviews
  • 5snewman
    5snewman4 stars
    December. This book is about how the Hardy boys ( teenage detectives) find a mask that is very old. They have a new friend. His name is William. Some bad people want the mask, so they kidnap William! The Hardy boys make a fake mask to trick the boys and they get back William. Then they discover t...

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