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A Twist and Turn in Penguin Time (Penguin Adventures)

By Jasmine Sing
9 ratings32 reviews
  • sayakamiki
    This book is great. My sisters and I read it together. We all laughed out loud. I especially liked the epilogue. I would definitely recommend this book to younger kids, penguin lovers, people who like cute stuff, or if you're bored and looking for something good to read. Five stars!

The Prince: A Selection Novella (HarperTeen Impulse)

By Kiera Cass
2 ratings1 reviews

The Watanabe Sisters

By Piya Sing
1 ratings4 reviews
  • Katsumi Kyouko
    I loove this book. A thousand stars. I used to call Kyouko Hot Cocoa. Then I realized it was the best book! Don't name call it!


By Gordon Korman
3 ratings6 reviews
  • coolnicki477
    Capricorn Anderson used to be a boy who lived alone with his grandmother and was homeschooled. One day grandmother hurt herself and went to the hospital. Capricorn discovers what school is like and discovers the hardships within it

Emma: Lights! Camera! Cupcakes! (Cupcake Diaries)

By Coco Simon
16 ratings20 reviews
  • bibliophile
    This was a fun easy light read. Not one of my favorite, but okay. It's about a girl named Emma and she and her friends have a cupcake club. When Emma was modeling she met this actress/model named Romaine, and Romaine was premiering her movie. And now everyone is crazy about her and wants to gossi...

Candy Crush: Powdered Sugar Edition

By The Gamer Geeks
0 ratings1 reviews
  • candykid_ak
    I play Candy Crush but I am so happy to see that there is a book.

Slumber Party Wars

By Melanie Marks
3 ratings5 reviews
  • soccer_lynn12
    This book is totally awesome. I recommend it to any girl that's in middle school or about to enter middle school. Its about two group of girls fighting over whose slumber part is the best. And it turns out _________ won the war. =)

The Crush Wars

By Melanie Marks
4 ratings1 reviews
  • soccer_lynn12
    Melanie Marks is such an amazing author. I love her books so very much. this book is about two girls having crushes on the same boys Justin, Daniel, and Matt. But they are fighting over the boys and everything goes crazy for Nicole.

Minecraft: Herobrine vs. Slenderman: The Untold Legend

By Minecraft Stories
0 ratings5 reviews
  • DanTarTarSause
    Slender! :D lollolololololol!

The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story

By R. J. Palacio
2 ratings2 reviews
  • likeaboss23
    In the book 'Wonder' Julian is the bully so I'm really exicted to read

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