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Outbreak (The 39 Clues: Super Special, Book 1)

Outbreak (The 39 Clues: Super Special, Book 1)

By C. Alexander London
14 ratings11 reviews
  • snicker9
    This new installment in the Cahill family secrets certainly lives up to its predecessors. Dan and Amy Cahill are having fun living with their cousins and pulling off secret operations, and taking turns being the leader of the group. Then one day the CIA knocks on their door-they have a new missio...


By Raina Telgemeier
319 ratings852 reviews
  • cooliobubbles
    This book is about the author, Raina, and her sister Amara. As a little girl Raina always wanted a sister. But now she doesn't because Amara and her bicker A LOT. Amara is a good artist and Raina likes to listen to music. Their mom Denise and their dad have another kid named Will. When Will gets ...
My Summer of Pink & Green

My Summer of Pink & Green

By Lisa Greenwald
6 ratings11 reviews
  • ganfer1617
    If you are a girl and you have been in middle school or if you are in middle school this book is for you.The book is called my pink and green summer it is by Lisa Greenwald. The book took at the old Mills pharmacy and the pink and green spa. The protagonist is Lucy, she is in 7th grade she is nic...
Took: A Ghost Story

Took: A Ghost Story

By Mary Downing Hahn
2 ratings4 reviews
  • memoiloveit
    I think this book is fair because it’s suspenseful. The main character, Daniel, has just moved to West Virginia with his family. Daniel and his little sister, Erica, suspect something suspicious around their house and they feel like someone’s always watching them. Old Auntie, an evil witch that l...
The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey

The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey

By Chris Colfer
7 ratings27 reviews
  • dizzyjelly
    dizzyjelly55 stars
    “The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey”, written by Chris Colfer, is a very fun book. I liked it because it’s creative, interesting, and fun. In the fifth book, Conner, the main male protagonist of the book, has his mind set on recruiting characters from his own short stories to help fight the...
Tuesdays at the Castle

Tuesdays at the Castle

By Jessica Day George
78 ratings97 reviews
  • catface173
    catface17322 stars
    Celie is 11-years-old and the youngest princess in Castle Glower. And everybody knows the Castle loves her best. When the Castle is bored, which it usually is on Tuesdays since that is the day King Glower the 79th hears petitions, it opens up a new set of rooms. And one of Celie's favorite habits...


By Jude Watson
44 ratings64 reviews
  • jsmyth
    jsmyth44 stars
    There is a lot to love about Loot. Jewel heists? Master plans? Kid criminals? Yes, please! I love stories about kid spies or criminals (both would be even better!) and this book had potential. Sadly, I can't call it a favorite. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. The main characters w...
Sticker Girl

Sticker Girl

By Janet Tashjian
0 ratings4 reviews
  • Kelly Maddison
    I think is a great story because is the little girl in the book is just like me. She is like me because i love stickers but at the same time hate them and i also have a great imagination i pretend i have a little puppy so i have this stuffed animal that is a dog and i play with it like is a real ...
Escaping the Giant Wave

Escaping the Giant Wave

By Peg Kehret
7 ratings12 reviews
  • khloe123
    This is probably now one of my favorite books. I couldn't stop reading it. And Peg Kehret is a really good author. She adds so many details. It's kinda like an adventure book. Some parts in this book it's really risky. After they get through the fire they meet Norm and Josie. They start walking u...
Main Street #8: Special Delivery

Main Street #8: Special Delivery

By Ann M. Martin
2 ratings1 reviews
  • smiley6
    smiley655 stars
    This book is awesome ! Aunt Allie adpoted a baby girl !

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