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The Magic Thief: Found

By Sarah Prineas
3 ratings4 reviews
  • connwaer
    connwaer5 stars
    The third story of the series The Magic Thief is set when Connwaer is still banned from the city of Wellmet. He is trying to find his locus magicalicus, a stone that helps a wizard to perform magic. He uses a finding spell to find his locus stone then follows a trail leading to it. He is accompan...

The Magic Thief

By Sarah Prineas
4 ratings6 reviews
  • plin
    plin4 stars
    This is a really book to read! I like this book because it is very interesting and exciting to read, the book make you want to read more, and think, what is going to happen next. The story is about a poor boy name Connwaer (Conn), steal a wizard name Nevery locus magicalicas, and when he steal it...

Once Upon a Marigold

By Jean Ferris
5 ratings5 reviews
  • rainbowunicorns
    This book is about a young prince who runs away and a troll takes him in. The boy grows up and sends notes back and forth with a princess. Then he tries to get a job at the castle...

Minecraft: The Official Annual 2014

63 ratings299 reviews
  • edmodo-7wnk5qstmr
    I absolutely love Minecraft! You can test your creativity and building skills for like architecture! Its really fun! Download the game and try it out! I want to read this book! I want to read the part where Notch wrote about minecraft! Even though I already know how to play minecraft, know the ba...

The Last Book In The Universe

By Rodman Philbrick
24 ratings26 reviews
  • eekek
    eekek5 stars
    I would describe this book is action-packed,adventurous and exciting. The book was about a person named Spaz and he gets a message from the runner that his sister Bean is really sick and Bean wants to see Spaz before she dies so they go on and adventure and takes Lanaya and ryter to see Bean so...

The Sassy #2: The Birthday Storm

By Sharon Draper, Sharon M. Draper
1 ratings1 reviews

My Weird But True Fact-a-Day Fun Journal

By National Geographic Kids
8 ratings49 reviews
  • coolnicki477
    I hope there is a freebie about this soon... I really want it. It will also be good for my school because they take in "fun facts" from students each day so the book can help me record the facts down so I can tell the school the fun & factual information.

Wings of Fire Book Five: The Brightest Night

By Tui T. Sutherland
9 ratings15 reviews
  • kell-bell
    kell-bell5 stars
    I read this book in like two nights and it was awesome. definitely my favorite. I think that I am most like sunny and sunny is my favorite. She looks for the most peaceful way without any killing yet she tries to be fair to everyone instead of shouting "blaze is the new queen!!" she looks for the...

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

By Suzanne Collins
463 ratings472 reviews
  • rozeb
    I was disappointed by this book. The other two are amazing. The last one was OK until they got picked up from the Hunger Games. It was definitely a twist. But I did not like it. The beginning was slow, and the latter part just disgusted me. Not many of you know but, if you think about it, many t...

Pokemon Adventures Gold & Silver Box Set (set includes Vol. 8-14) (Pokémon)

By Hidenori Kusaka
1 ratings2 reviews
  • bryan5
    bryan55 stars
    Its about some trainer that train and catch pokemon and trying to save pokemon.The main goal is to fill the pokedex with pokemon data.The other goal they have is to stop this evil group called neo team rocket and mask of ice.

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