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That Was Then, This is Now (M-Books)

By S.E. Hinton
4 ratings4 reviews
  • majorerika6
    I just read this book for school and it was really good! i have also read that was then and this is now and that is about these two brothers and what they experienced. the author is a girl when she wrote it most people wouldn't read books by girls same with J.K. Rowling

Letters From Rifka

By Karen Hesse
4 ratings4 reviews
  • lalaland2000
    This book may look a little boring, but it is one of the best books I've ever read! Rifka dreams of one thing: to leave her awful home in Berdichev and immigrate to America where she will live a beautiful, free life. But right when her hopes had risen to their highest point yet, one good deed may...

Get Those Guys Reading!: Fiction and Series Books that Boys Will Love

By Kathleen A. Baxter, Marcia Agness Kochel
2 ratings2 reviews

Lyddie (New Windmill)

By Katherine Paterson
2 ratings2 reviews
  • rozeb
    rozeb5 stars
    I really liked this book! My mom had read it when she was in college and she said that I might like it. And I did. It was really good. It was one of the best books that I have ever read. I think that it is sad that she has to go away from her farm. My favorite character was Lyddie. She struggled ...

All about my sister, ***a book writen by 6-years-old

By Grace Yang
1 ratings2 reviews
  • doggirl
    a book ritten by six year olds sounds good

Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye

By Lois Lowry
1 ratings1 reviews

Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail

By Danica McKellar
1 ratings1 reviews
  • ikyra_marie
    I have always said I liked doing math but It's really a pain to do when it gets harder.I really want to read the rest of these books so I can see if they help me get through my math classes.

Fig Pudding

By Ralph Fletcher
2 ratings1 reviews
  • lillianna765
    This book is boring in the beginning, tense and exciting in the middle, and extra exciting in the end. I love it!

¡Buen viaje! Level 1, Workbook and Audio Activities Student Edition (Spanish Edition)

By Glencoe McGraw-Hill
1 ratings1 reviews
  • macandcheese
    We are using this book in Spanish in school

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City (reissue)

By Kirsten Miller
1 ratings1 reviews
  • dreambigdreams
    This book is the most BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!! It's about a but kicking girl spy who's aunt killed here mom and dad leaving here all alone but when a guard sees another guard protecting here the other guard blames the guard that's protecting her that she killed the mom and dad! The mysterie...

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