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Spy School

Spy School

By Stuart Gibbs
62 ratings80 reviews
  • dannyphantomfan
    Ben Ripley is your average nerd. On a daily basis, he goes to advanced classes, gets harassed by Dirk the Jerk, and sleeps through math class. He is THE chess team. He is normal, right? Wrong. Ben is recruited to a secret CIA training facility in the middle of January and failed his surprise exam...
VIP: I'm With the Band

VIP: I'm With the Band

By Jen Calonita
21 ratings26 reviews
  • jeffdaboss
    jeffdaboss44 stars
    This book was really good! It's about 12 year old McKenzie(Mac) whose Mom ends up getting a job for her favorite band: Perfect Storm! She now has the opportunity to go to their every concert, see their natural behavior, and possibly get Zander to date her. All of this can happen to her because he...
This Journal Belongs to Ratchet

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet

By Nancy Cavanaugh
26 ratings32 reviews
  • reagan113
    The book This Journal Belongs to Ratchet is written by Nancy J. Cavanaugh. This book is about a young girl who would give up just about anything to be a normal girl, with a normal family, name, clothes, friends, and school life. Ratchet, a homeschooled girl, who helps her dad work in the garage ...
Best Friends for Never

Best Friends for Never

By Adrienne Maria Vrettos
14 ratings20 reviews
  • pjsweet
    pjsweet44 stars
    Hattie is excited to attend the Harvest Festival with her three new best friends in her new town, but when she accidentally triggers a decades old jinx, she must find a way to break it to restore her friendships, and maybe just be herself once again. A cute friendship story with a dash of magical...
The Dirt Diary

The Dirt Diary

By Anna Staniszewski
6 ratings12 reviews
  • Taylor max453
    Lol, I don't think anyone remembers me anymore. Well, I'm hereee XD. And without further ado... here is the book review. We can all relate to Rachel Lee. She's an underconfident, self-conscious girl- just like all 8th graders. Well, maybe except for the fact that she's a "house-worker" to the mos...
I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

By Martin Ganda, Caitlin Alifirenka
15 ratings20 reviews
  • catface173
    catface17355 stars
    This book is about an American girl (Caitlin) and a Zimbabwe boy ( Martin). For a school assignment, they become pen pals. Everyone in Catlin's class wrote to an unknown student in a distant place. Martin was really lucky to receive a letter from Caitlin. Their were 10 letters and 50 kids in Mart...


By Sarah Weeks
0 ratings3 reviews
  • lilliankor
    I decided to read it because I love the book pie sooooo much. it's my favorite book. I was so happy to see that it came out.
Mission: In Search of the Time and Space Machine (Mission: Spy Force; Max Remy Adventures)

Mission: In Search of the Time and Space Machine (Mission: Spy Force; Max Remy Adventures)

By Deborah Abela
0 ratings1 reviews
  • frahay123
    This book is for people who like adventures.
A Whole New Ballgame (Rip and Red)

A Whole New Ballgame (Rip and Red)

By Phil Bildner
9 ratings10 reviews
  • jeffdaboss
    jeffdaboss55 stars
    This book is really good! If you are a basketball fan(The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson) or a person who loves books about eccentric teachers(Mr. Terupt book series by Rob Buyea), you will love this book's playful combination of both. 5th graders Rip and Red already have their year planned...
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1: Professor Gargoyle

By Charles Gilman
60 ratings132 reviews
  • borntoswim
    borntoswim55 stars
    This book was one of the best books I've read. It was really intriguing and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the best parts of the book was the cover. It had the type of material where you could scratch it like on some Valentine cards except I've never seen it on a book. If you turn it side to side it ...

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