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Big Nate Flips Out

By Lincoln Peirce
18 ratings20 reviews
  • jaiden
    I read this book called Big Nate flips out by Lincoln Piercce the gene is realistic fiction. I like this book bucause evrey thing rhat happened to nate could happen in real life.It is also very funny.

If You Take a Mouse to School

By Laura Numeroff
19 ratings14 reviews
  • deedee
    deedee5 stars
    I think this is a very good book. It is a circle story, wich would probably entertain the little ones. I love this book! I recommend it to all ages! Please enjoy this book as you read! Also, read the rest of the series!

Teen Beach Movie

By Disney Book Group
4 ratings6 reviews
  • gap430
    gap4304 stars
    I saw the movie. (I don't know why it isn't popping up when I type it in in the movie search bar) It was really good because awe didn't know if she would ever get back home. Brady loved it and wanted to stay while mac was panicking throughout the whole movie. I really want to read the book. I did...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)

By J. K. Rowling
197 ratings104 reviews
  • edogs24
    edogs244 stars
    I am reading this book right now and I am at the part where Harry just finished his first week of term at Hogwarts. It is the first Saturday and he just bumped into Cho at the Owlery. I finished reading at the part where Harry is eating breakfast with Ron and Hermione and he feels strong and prou...

Third Grade Angels

By Jerry Spinelli
4 ratings4 reviews
  • sherlockcutepup
    I am in third grade and my second grade teacher gave me that book for having the hiest lexile score.

Greenglass House

By Kate Milford
1 ratings1 reviews
  • etfantastic
    This is my favorite book at the moment. It's about a young boy,adopted,who's adoptive parents run a motel,for,how do you say,smugglers pretty much. As the Christmas holidays comes up,our main character is ready for some peace and quiet. But instead,tons of surprise guests,which never happens arou...

Extra Credit (Junior Library Guild Selection)

By Andrew Clements
11 ratings11 reviews
  • pretty224
    pretty2244 stars
    Abby Carson is failing sixth grade. It isn't that Abby can't do her schoolwork, it's just that she doesn't like doing it. When a warning letter is sent home, Abby realizes that all of her slacking off could cause her to be held back-for real! Unless she meets some specific conditions, including ...

Jessie New Nanny (Jessie Junior Novel)

By Al Giuliani
7 ratings9 reviews
  • shrell4
    shrell45 stars
    I think it is cool because it is funny and they are all just playing around and my favorite book and I really love luke because he has cool dance move and zuri I wonder how old they are man if only I could see them in person that would be awesome

Ever After High: Once Upon a Time: A Story Collection

By Shannon Hale
0 ratings3 reviews
  • andrews emily
    i love this book

Disney Princess Belle: The Charming Gift (A Jewel Story)

By Disney Book Group
1 ratings1 reviews
  • tiana19149
    When Belle's friend Mrs. Potts tells her about an annual winter ball that she used to attend years ago, Belle suggests they plan their own winter dance at the castle! But although Belle is excited, she is feeling extra homesick. She misses her father, and wishes she had the special charm bracelet...

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