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The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events #5)

By Lemony Snicket
21 ratings17 reviews
  • lfullerton
    lfullerton5 stars
    In one of my favorite books of this series, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to a boarding school called Prufrock Preparatory School. At first, the children are not fond of the school at all, but when they meet Duncan and Isadora Quagmire, twins who are misunderstood themselves, and t...

Bursting at the Seams (Sew Zoey)

By Chloe Taylor
1 ratings3 reviews

The Dirt Diary

By Anna Staniszewski
1 ratings2 reviews
  • happyface221
    Super cool book that makes me smile and makes me sad or dissapointed, but still awsome. I can't wait to read the Prank List!!!!!!:)

Calli Be Gold

By Michele Weber Hurwitz
2 ratings1 reviews
  • kosicall
    kosicall4 stars
    Is inspiring of how a girl can teach a kid with mental problems so many things during the peer helper program.

My Weirder School #3: Mrs. Lilly Is Silly!

By Dan Gutman
3 ratings3 reviews
  • penguin313
    penguin3135 stars
    A funny story where a news reporter decides to help the kids write a newspaper, and they started writing twisted stories about the teachers.

Dork Diaries Box Set (Books 1-6): Dork Diaries; Dork Diaries 2; Dork Diaries 3; Dork Diaries 4; Dork Diaries 5; Dork Diaries 6

By Rachel Renée Russell
1 ratings3 reviews
  • sing sing sing
    just cant wait to read it

Miss Child Has Gone Wild! (My Weirder School, Book 1)

By Dan Gutman
4 ratings7 reviews
  • kristina2005
    The third grade has won a weird contest, so they get to go on a field trip to the zoo. That's how they meet Mrs.Child , the weirdest zookeeper in the history of the world. She thinks animals are smarter than people! She thinks animals elephants can paint pictures! She keeps snakes in her pockets...

Mr. Harrison Is Embarrassin'! (My Weirder School, Book 2)

By Dan Gutman
3 ratings1 reviews
  • penguin313
    penguin3135 stars
    This a funny store about a nerdy tech guy, a boy who hates school, a 90 year old women and a blackout.

Dork Diaries 7

By Rachel Renée Russell
33 ratings32 reviews
  • maylol
    maylol4 stars
    This book series is about a girl who's name is nikki ,who starts at a new school with an embarrassing secret. This book is the 7 book of the series which captures nikki in a life of glamour . If you are finding some thing to read for fun , this book is perfect for it . I recommend it to people be...

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

By Rachel Renee Russell
372 ratings507 reviews
  • dragonzatch
    I take a huge objection to the first sentence of this description - "It's like Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls..." Incorrect. 1. I know plenty of guys and girls who read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid wasn't this masochistic plagarized piece of dribble Dork Diaries is. My little ...

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