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The Outsiders (M Books)

The Outsiders (M Books)

By S.E. Hinton
29 ratings33 reviews
  • bibliophile
    "Stay gold..." I read this when I was younger, but I never really understood it... due to the fact I read this book when I was in third grade, and I was too young to realize what it actually meant... I read this book earlier again during the summer... and wow... this book is really heartwarming.....
The Lemonade War (The Lemonade War Series)

The Lemonade War (The Lemonade War Series)

By Jacqueline Davies
202 ratings268 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    Warning! This review contains spoilers! Although they are siblings, Evan and Jessie are complete opposites. Evan is smart when it comes to people. Jessie is smart when it comes to numbers. In fact, Jessie is a lot better at math than Evan even though she's a year of two younger. So when Evan find...
Marvel the Avengers Battle Against Ultron (Dk Reads Reading Alone)

Marvel the Avengers Battle Against Ultron (Dk Reads Reading Alone)

By Matt Forbeck
10 ratings17 reviews
  • acholguin
    acholguin44 stars
    It tells about how the Avengers started the team and the origin of Ultron. It also gives you a quiz at the end to see what you've learned. Avengers started when Thor came back from his imprisonment and Thor's brother Loki cast a spell on Hulk. Antman, Wasp, Thor, and Ironman. Captain American did...
Guinness World Records 2014

Guinness World Records 2014

By Guinness World Records
17 ratings36 reviews
  • gap430
    gap43055 stars
    These kindas of books are amazing. They are kind of like weird but true except longer and has things that people have done to set a record. When it says 2014, does that mean they will add other things from other years, or have they already gotten all of the records for a year? I really want to bu...
Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting

35 ratings39 reviews
  • ansaa
    ansaa55 stars
    Tuck Everlasting is a book that reminds us about global warmings and how our desires can destroy our world. In this book, there are mortal beings that got thier wish of being immortal. But being immortal was not as fun as they thught. Life is like a road that starts with birth and ends with death...
Minecraft: How to Build a House Step by Step

Minecraft: How to Build a House Step by Step

By Minecraft Books
7 ratings14 reviews
  • kbattistoni
    kbattistoni55 stars
    Simple, get wood of any type and craft wood planks and then start building a house. I also know another fun game called Animal Jam. Go to and have fun!
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! Collectible Edition

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! Collectible Edition

By Bathroom Readers' Institute
22 ratings28 reviews
  • bibliophile
    bibliophile33 stars
    KIDS ONLY!!!!!!! I'm just kidding about that... well actually you can go talk to the author about it if you are not a kid and you are going to read it... Again I was joking! I think this book changed how I think now I;m joking a lot these day because of this book! This was filled with amazing and...
Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur

Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur

By Luke Sharpe
7 ratings7 reviews
  • smckneely
    smckneely55 stars
    Billy Sure is the inventor of the all ball, but he and his friend don't want to be a one product company so they create a website so kids from around the world can send them videos of their ideas for cool inventions. If Billy and his friend like an invention ,they will help produce it. I like al...
You're Invited (Mix)

You're Invited (Mix)

By Jen Malone, Gail Nall
16 ratings18 reviews
  • namers
    namers44 stars
    This was such a fun read! YOU"RE INVITED is about four best friends (Vi, Becca, Sadie and Lauren) who start a party planning business and the adventures/obstacles that they face. I loved the personalities of all of the girls. Sometimes when I read a book with multiple narrations, I find one tha...
Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading

By Tommy Greenwald
57 ratings75 reviews
  • bibliophile
    bibliophile44 stars
    For fans of Diary of the Wimpy Kid or Tom Gates series... this book is for you! I really liked how everything played out at the end... This may seem like your tale of a middle schooler... and you're a 100% right... but there are ACTION.... SUSPENSE...which gives it a more exciting way to read thi...

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