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Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

By Nick Bruel
28 ratings27 reviews
  • theo12345
    theo1234555 stars
    this book is about a cat named kitty and was at home with uncle Merey because her owner went on a trip. then, when they came back, they brought a baby. Kitty thought in his mind that it was a dog, but the other kitty's thought it was cat. then they did some kind of race and the new kitty which wa...
Inheritance 3-Book Hardcover Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr)

Inheritance 3-Book Hardcover Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr)

By Christopher Paolini
17 ratings11 reviews
  • lionsrcute1
    lionsrcute155 stars
    This is an amazing book about the adventures of an boy named Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. Brom the storyteller in his village follows him on his journey to find the Varden, an place where Eragon and Saphira could be safe. Sadly, the Varden is at war when they arrive. This is a book about frien...
The Action Bible

The Action Bible

3 ratings5 reviews
  • dale123
    dale12355 stars
    I love the the action Bible its inspireing to me and I love GOD so much i read it more than 16 times and i recomend it to kids and god like people like me go God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Clique: Complete Set of 10 (clique)

The Clique: Complete Set of 10 (clique)

By lisi harrison
9 ratings11 reviews
  • crazy4music01
    started reading this book series at the start of the school year and absolutely love them! They are really interest books cause its the typical story where there's a new girl at school but of course there is a mean clique as well. But this series takes it to a whole different level. There are twi...
The Secret Tree

The Secret Tree

By Natalie Standiford
6 ratings14 reviews
  • pinky152
    pinky15255 stars
    even though i have not read the book yet i am totally excited to read it.i chose this book because i love mystery books. i have no overall reveiw because i have not read it yet but im sure it will be great!


By Brian Selznick
93 ratings140 reviews
  • lizard4
    lizard455 stars
    The teacher read this book to us a long time ago. So much discription! I love it. 5 stars! I love how 2 stories are combined and simalar to each other! I like these kinds of books because they tell the stories in pictures and in words very discriptivly. Ben goes looking for his father but his mot...
The Face on the Milk Carton

The Face on the Milk Carton

By Caroline B. Cooney
15 ratings18 reviews
  • kaliforniagurl7
    The genre of this book was horror, mystery, suspense, with a hint of comedy, and a pint of romance. I recommend this book for anyone one who's looking for a thrill and has a whole lot of free time. Trust me. Once you get past the first 3 chapters, you won't stop 'till you've finished the entire s...
The Very Fairy Princess

The Very Fairy Princess

By Julie Andrews, Emma Walton Hamilton
1 ratings2 reviews
  • swirlycool
    swirlycool55 stars
    I REALLY love this book (even though it's not in my grade level.) It's funny. How I discovered it, I was in my school library, when I was looking through the princess book bin. I found this book. I wasn't really going to check any princess books out, I was just looking through them because I real...
When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me

By Rebecca Stead
112 ratings123 reviews
  • fastfoxreader
    This book is about a girl named Miranda who is getting notes from a random guy. Her friend ( or used to be) Sal got punched by a boy named Marcus. In Miranda's town some things are weird: a guy who Miranda calls the laughing man. He keeps kicking the road over and over again and Miranda always se...
Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books #1-7

Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books #1-7

By J. K. Rowling
87 ratings87 reviews
  • happymoon
    This series is internationally known and absolutely mind-blowing. It is extremely recommended for all fantasy-lovers and a must-read for anyone. Join Harry, Ron and Hermione as they embark through each year of Hogwarts, the best school for witchcraft and wizardry. Harry learns about his past and ...

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