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When You Reach Me

By Rebecca Stead
101 ratings116 reviews
  • annalise
    When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, is about an 11 year old girl who starts getting notes from an anonymous person saying that there are here to save her friends life, more and more start coming with hints about the future, proof that her friend's life is in danger. With many different aspects, l...

The Adventures of Tintin: Collector's Gift Set

By Hergé
1 ratings3 reviews

Big Nate Strikes Again

By Lincoln Peirce
11 ratings8 reviews
  • tholladay
    If you like a comedy book this might be a good book for you. This book is about named Nate. He has two best friends that he hangs out with Francis, Teddy, and then there is a really anoying girl named Gina. Nate gets paired up with Gina multiple times...??

Eagle Strike (Alex Rider Adventure)

By Anthony Horowitz
13 ratings9 reviews
  • kasmira
    All of Anthony Horowitz's books are fantastic. From the beginning of book one I was thrilled by the adventure and craziness of each book, and the plot line that went in to it. Eagle Strike is the most resent Alex Rider book I have read. This book is about when Alex meets Damian Cray, who seems at...

Life of Pi

By Yann Martel
21 ratings26 reviews
  • inventor2004
    The Life of Pi is an amazing story about a young boy named Pi. After a days at sea along with his family, Pi is fascinated by a storm going on outside his ship. Pi walks out to the deck where he realizes that the ship is sinking. As he plunges towards his family, he is horrified by the site of t...


By Matthew Van Fleet
4 ratings3 reviews
  • ocikittie
    ocikittie4 stars
    I loved cats for a long time and learned all about them wanting to learn more,like their behavior and more interesting facts. this book really helps.

The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2)

By John Flanagan
20 ratings15 reviews
  • horseluver
    horseluver5 stars
    i agree with fact finder. i can't wait to order the 3rd book from the library!! i just wish i didn't have to put the book down to do chores or school work!! the first one was REALLY good too!! if you like action then here is a book for you!! i dare you to read this book and not like it!! lol.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition (Books of Wonder)

By L. Frank Baum
2 ratings4 reviews
  • mjtomasetti
    Students had not all seen the seen the movie, so it was quite a treat. The students enjoyed visualizing the characters and setting!

Avatar: The Last Airbender The Lost Adventures (Avatar: The Last Airbender (Dark Horse))

By May Chan, Aaron Ehasz, Others, Joaquim Dos Santos, Amy Kim Ganter
7 ratings4 reviews
  • lenaic221
    this book is so awesome that I could read it at the park, train station,the coffe, the book store and at home


By Brian Selznick
75 ratings86 reviews
  • teacher_2466
    I am loving this book! It is so unique in that there are two stories being told simultaneously. I enjoy how one is with words and the other with pictures. This book is really making me think and use all of the reading strategies we've learned this year. I can't wait to finish and see if our t...

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