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Ella Enchanted (Newbery Honor Book)

By Gail Carson Levine
36 ratings50 reviews
  • peacheslarue
    This was a really great book!! Its a great combination of a little romance and a lot of adventure. Though the book is very good, the movie is horrible! Never watch it! It is nothing like the book at ALL! This book is a "fractured fairytale". The tale is about Ella a stubborn but beatiful girl wit...

Heroes of Olympus (5 Book Series)

By Rick Riordan
4 ratings3 reviews
  • andrew52444
    BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!! These books were my favourite books of all time. They were action packed and adventurous. I loved how they went all over europe. I also learned a lot about greek and roman mythology.

Warriors: Into the Wild

By Erin Hunter
96 ratings143 reviews
  • warriorfan
    This book is an amazing addition to the book world. This book brings readers forward, eager to read on. A book this good is hard to find, and I bet you will agree when you start reading the best series of all time:Warriors. Warriors is for everyone who wants adventure brought to them. Warriors is...

8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel ö 1 Dog = Chaos

By Vivian Vande Velde
1 ratings3 reviews

The Lorax Pop-Up!

By Dr. Seuss
47 ratings44 reviews
  • chococolatechipcookie
    The Lorax is the best of Dr. Seuss's books. It is about a truffala tree forest and a human comes to cut down trees and makes a thneed. The Lorax tries to stop it but soon all the trees are cut down. So the Lorax send all the animals away and then he goes away too and leaves only one word: Unless....

Teen Titans: Jam-Packed Action! - Volume 1 (Teen Titans (Unnumbered))

By Various
0 ratings1 reviews
  • elgu
    I watch the show. its funny

The Thing About Georgie

By Lisa Graff
4 ratings4 reviews
  • gummybear1
    gummybear15 stars
    I love this book. Georgie has such a good friend like how i do. I thought the book was funny but sometimes a little serious. It was all pretty strait forward so you really get that Georgie is a dwarf when the author describes how he couldn't really get things and ect.

Secret Seven Adventure

By Enid Blyton
1 ratings2 reviews
  • Nature324
    i like chapter #8 and forward. it's a good book to start off the series with.

Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

By Mo Willems
2 ratings2 reviews
  • Nature324
    i like how Gerald shared his ice cream with Piggie.


By Cynthia Lord
56 ratings74 reviews
  • emilyflame789
    This book was great! It is about a boy who has autism, but the main character is the boy's sister. Because the boy has autism, he is taken to a hospital for check-ups. The sister almost always comes with them. In this way, the sister meets a boy named Jason who cannot talk because of an unspoken ...

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