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The Daring Book for Girls

By Andrea J. Buchanan, Miriam B. Peskowitz
5 ratings5 reviews
  • iko899
    iko8995 stars
    It teaches in a fun way! it shows passion and care.


9 ratings21 reviews
  • Emmm
    This book isn't for everybody. It's a bit boring but the whole thrill of this boys invention is really just great. It's realistic fiction and great for readers who like simple. Like me. It's not The Hunger Games but in my view I think it's even better ☺️

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

By Jeff Kinney
188 ratings460 reviews
  • himari
    himari5 stars
    This book tells us about a teen living in his life and I really love this book because it shows how Greg lives and he has many adventures during those days. Many new things and sights but one of the problems Greg needs to deal with is his best friend Rowley. They haven't been together lately and ...

Minecraft Pocket Edition Game HD

By GameGenie
16 ratings24 reviews
  • 4jcoumerilh
    Minecraft is the best game ever. It is also the best selling game ever. Minecraft pe is really cool but I wish they will add redstone that you can use not only for crafting but for cool red stone creations like player txt cannons. I would give this a 4 and a half star. I would recommend buying...

Niagara Falls, Or Does It? #1 (Hank Zipzer)

By Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver
0 ratings1 reviews
  • candyexpress
    This was a Battle for the Books for my school and it was a humorous story alright. Hank Zipzer is a smart kid like his parents say he is, he just has to work harder on tests, projects and homework. When he comes back for the beginning of the year, Hank's teacher wants everyone to write essays abo...

Minecraft: The Official Annual 2014

76 ratings333 reviews
  • edmodo-7wnk5qstmr
    I absolutely love Minecraft! You can test your creativity and building skills for like architecture! Its really fun! Download the game and try it out! I want to read this book! I want to read the part where Notch wrote about minecraft! Even though I already know how to play minecraft, know the ba...

Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star

By Rachel Renée Russell
45 ratings46 reviews
  • maylol
    maylol4 stars
    This book series is about a girl who's name is nikki ,who starts at a new school with an embarrassing secret. This book is the 7 book of the series which captures nikki in a life of glamour . If you are finding some thing to read for fun , this book is perfect for it . I recommend it to people be...

Dork Diaries 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After

By Rachel Renée Russell
50 ratings115 reviews
  • gemstone9
    gemstone94 stars
    This is a good book, but the main thing i like about Dork Diaries is that they're so realistic, you feel like you're living the story yourself. This book... kind of goes against that. I mean, that whole getting-hit-in-the-head-and-traveling-to-fairytale-land thing? It just doesn't really follow u...

Dork Diaries 9

By Rachel Renée Russell
1 ratings1 reviews
  • googleplus
    it si a awesome series that is why i want to read it bring out you r inner dork and read this bok it is most enjoyabl and makes sense regularly and start with the first book

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor

By Jon Scieszka
2 ratings3 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish5 stars
    Frank Einstein is a science genius. He works on inventions and helps his grandpa with his shop while his crazy parents are traveling around the world for their travel blog. But Gramps is about to lose the shop because of the lack of finances, and Frank is convinced that he can win the Science Fai...

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