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Turtle in Paradise

By Jennifer L. Holm
37 ratings36 reviews
  • rainsplash_64
    Awesome book! 😄 an, "i never saw it coming, but i thought of it" ending, and i really like it. There's a girl named turtle whos mom has a jog as a cleaning lady, and they move around. Then there is this one woman who deosn't like kids, so she says,"miss, if this kid deosnt leave, you lose the job...

Greek Mythology (Ken Jennings' Junior Genius Guides)

By Ken Jennings
13 ratings17 reviews
  • bibliophile
    This was a fun easy read. It talked about Greek mythology which helped me and gave me background knowledge wile I was reading the Percy Jackson series. This book made it easier to understand about Greek myths and gods. It was funny and had great information. It was almost like a cartoon, but it w...

1776: America and Britain at War

By David McCullough
0 ratings1 reviews
  • ishade
    A great book about the American revolution and the events leading up to it. Gives a lot of depth into some of the main players in the war. A great book, but not really for weak readers.

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children

By Jan Pinborough
1 ratings1 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis4164 stars
    this book is a book about a person who did stuff that girls didn't do before now. it is for boys and girls. the main idea is that everyone could do anything that they don't do. i give it 4 stars and i also recommend this book to you.

Night (Doubleday Large Print Home Library Edition)

By Elie Wiesel
3 ratings3 reviews
  • lindsta
    Wonderful book based on the author's real experience as a young teenager during the Holocaust. The story is graphic at times, but to tell the true horrors of this horrific event, these graphic stories must be conveyed. Great book to see just how unfair things could be and the grace in which to ha...

You Wouldn't Want to Be Tutankhamen!: A Mummy Who Really Got Meddled With

By David Stewart
1 ratings1 reviews
  • acholguin
    acholguin5 stars
    It reveals the secrets behind his past and gives ideas of who his mother could be. It shows how his father changed the ancient world of Egypt, by making one Egyptian god.

One Crazy Summer (Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction (Awards))

By Rita Williams-Garcia
16 ratings20 reviews
  • teacher_2035
    One Crazy Summer is about three sisters who travel to Oakland, California to visit their mother who left them when they were young. It takes place in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. Their poet mother is not very friendly to the girls and doesn't seem to want them around. The sisters s...

Titanic: Voices From the Disaster

By Deborah Hopkinson
1 ratings5 reviews
  • abigaild707
    I didn't start reading it but I think it is going to be cool!

Bright Path: Young Jim Thorpe

By Don Brown
1 ratings1 reviews
  • hippyhomeschool
    Great story about the greatest athlete ever.

Here I Am

By Patti Kim
1 ratings1 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis4165 stars
    This book is about a kid who moves to california. It felt bad. But one day he loses his seed. i like how creative it was. it is for ages 4-5 and older. the main message is that bad always turns into good. it is a true story. i like most when the boy finds his seed and makes a friend. i recommend ...

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