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By Raina Telgemeier
816 ratings1597 reviews
  • awesomeisme
    awesomeisme55 stars
    We have this book in the library, I've read it 5 times and I'm still not bored of it! I'm going to ask for it on my birthday. Here is a review for those who haven't read it: Raina is getting braces and is not looking forward to it. So at girls scout camp she asks her friends that have braces wha...
Dork Diaries 9: Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen

Dork Diaries 9: Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen

By Rachel Renée Russell
31 ratings121 reviews
  • kittykat4
    kittykat444 stars
    When the school bully, MacKenzie, steals Nikki's diary, things start to get messy. MacKenzie starts writing in Nikki's diary every day. Then, she decides to hack into Nikki's advice column and writing mean letters to everyone, hoping to get Nikki expelled from school. MacKenzie also causes friend...
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

By Jeff Kinney
248 ratings632 reviews
  • meskelie
    I think that jeff kinney is one of the most amazing story tellers. he has great ideas. it seems like he never gives up he keeps going even when things are toufgh i'd never be able to be like he has he has the best books ever i wish i knew how to write like that you can see that hes one of the bes...
Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl

By Rachel Renee Russell
230 ratings183 reviews
  • tomboy4eve
    i love this book. read it, bought t, and read it again. Nikki is so funny, so crazy, but yet the coolest girl i have ever read about and not a dork. This book is about a eighth grader named Nikkie Maxwell and she writes in this diary about her school, struggle for a iphone,her pasen for art,love,...
The Lunch Witch #1

The Lunch Witch #1

By Deb Lucke
22 ratings28 reviews
  • bookworm890
    If your looking for something out of the ordinary (or maybe your mother didn't pack you a lunch) check out this hilarious graphic novel. Grunhilda, a witch out of work (people just don't believe in magic like they used to), takes a job as a lunch lady. Everything is going fine until Madison disco...


By Raina Telgemeier
189 ratings424 reviews
  • cooliobubbles
    This book is about the author, Raina, and her sister Amara. As a little girl Raina always wanted a sister. But now she doesn't because Amara and her bicker A LOT. Amara is a good artist and Raina likes to listen to music. Their mom Denise and their dad have another kid named Will. When Will gets ...
Transformers: How to Draw Transformers (Transformers)

Transformers: How to Draw Transformers (Transformers)

By Nick Roche
1 ratings2 reviews
  • girlprime
    This was an awesome book. I got it off of Amazon, and I mean it was just perfect! You get to draw the two teams symbols. You can even draw the autobots starting out with the leader Optimus Prime, then the soldier Arcee, the two wrecking balls bulkhead and Wheeljack, the team scout bumblebee, a...
The Dumbest Idea Ever!

The Dumbest Idea Ever!

By Jimmy Gownley
1 ratings3 reviews
  • ethhut
    ethhut55 stars
    The dumbest idea ever by jimmy gownly is one of the best books I've ever read. It's about the author when he was a little kid- all the way up to his senior year in high school, Jimmy has great grades but as he gets older, he gets distracted by basketball, crushes and even chicken pox. But what ...
Babymouse #18: Happy Birthday, Babymouse

Babymouse #18: Happy Birthday, Babymouse

By Jennifer L. Holm, Matt Holm
5 ratings14 reviews
  • wendy312
    my friend told me about baby mouse and I saw the book at my local library and now I'm addicted to these books!!!anybody who loves books/comedy/comics should definitely try these books out! I promise you wont regret it!!!
Nancy Drew Diaries #1

Nancy Drew Diaries #1

By Stefan Petrucha
26 ratings30 reviews
  • snicker9
    snicker922 stars
    I can tell you that I did not enjoy this book. There are very few books that I do now like at all. Unfortunately, this was one of them. This book was predictable and twisted classic characters into strangers. Of course, I most likely have a biased opinion. I am a huge Nancy Drew fan and have read...

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