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The Real Boy

By Anne Ursu
1 ratings1 reviews

A Snicker of Magic

By Natalie Lloyd
8 ratings28 reviews
  • wisegirl474
    wisegirl47455 stars
    I love this book and would strongly recommend it to people who love books about extraordinary kinds of magic. "A Snicker of Magic" is extremely well-written and has an intriguing plot. Felicity Pickle, the main character, is able to see words everywhere in all different fonts, sizes, and colors. ...


By Michelle Houts
1 ratings1 reviews
  • intelligentirma
    I love it because it make me remember me of winter and Bettina Larsen even if it means entering the magical world of the nisse

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

By Kate DiCamillo
117 ratings130 reviews
  • somebody
    somebody55 stars
    A china doll named Edward was owned by Abilene Tulane, a young, rich girl who loved Edward, and played with him all of the time. But when Abilene went on a cruise with her family, Edward was accidentally thrown overboard. Months, maybe even years later, he was caught by a fisherman, made in to a ...

The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning

By Chris Colfer
20 ratings45 reviews
  • nikukyu
    nikukyu55 stars
    It was a beautiful book and I finished it in one sitting! I loved it so so so so SO much! I wrote so much reviews! I might be this books biggest fan! A person HAS to read this at least once in their life! I mean it, I'm not exaggerating at ALL. But I must warn you guys about the ending, cuz I was...

The Giant-Slayer

By Iain Lawrence
0 ratings2 reviews
  • swag54
    this book looks really good

The Kingdom of Fantasy (Geronimo Stilton)

By Geronimo Stilton
25 ratings23 reviews
  • andrewz
    It's so amazing.He went though six kingdom. he went though the kingdom of witch,mermaid,dragon,pixies,gomes,giant,and fairy.At the end he woke up and didn't know what happen but he wrote a book about this amazing aventure.


By Anne Ursu
0 ratings3 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    Warning! This review contains spoilers! Hazel and Jack are best friends. But Jack starts acting weird, and ditches Hazel. Hazel is absolutely devastated. Then Jack goes missing, and Hazel sets out to find him. What I thought of it: I didn't get it. Hazel was just annoying. She was always complain...

Whatever After #4: Dream On

By Sarah Mlynowski
13 ratings12 reviews
  • hawaii10
    i only read this book because its for my book report i thought reading this book would be boring but, when i read it it was very amazing its about these two best friends in a sleepover and one of the girl sleepwalks and bumps into a magic mirror and takes them into a fairy tale and messes up the...

Ever After High: Once Upon a Time: A Story Collection

By Shannon Hale
4 ratings7 reviews

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